Hamstring Part 2: Purple Lining

A few days ago I painted a sad ugly picture when it comes to ruptured hamstrings injuries in the NFL. Today I hope to redeem myself and renew hope that Desmond Bishop can return to be the standout playmaking linebacker he once was.

According to Dr J.R. Rudzki a Sports-Medicine Specialist who has worked with the St. Louis Rams and other professional sports teams says hamstring tendon avulsions haven’t been well studied with NFL players. Rudzki thinks research “suggests” patients have roughly 70 to 85 percent odds of being able to return to their desired level of sports activity.

The good news for Desmond Bishop is the last time the Vikings took a chance on a player returning from a serious hamstring tear, they struck gold. The Vikings selected Kyle Rudolph in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft when he had durability questions after rupturing his hamstring playing at Notre Dame.

After two seasons in the NFL, Rudolph is looking great and kicking ass. If Rudolph can achieve ProBowl MVP honors… Desmond Bishop should be able make a run for defensive MVP.

Keep it purple...

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