Two very similar teams go head-to-head this Sunday as the Seahawks visit Minnesota to take on the Vikings in a key NFC matchup.

Of course from this point forward, every game is a key game…just more so now since the Lions somehow lost to the Packers on Thursday. Seattle is coming in with a lot of confidence, stringing some wins together including last week’s barn-burner victory over the Steelers.

But the Vikings have played good football too, losing only once (to our hated rivals) in the last seven games.The Vikings have a chance to silence the critics and put a stamp on the season with a “signature win”-in prime time.

Yes, these two teams are built very similar in many ways…a solid defense, a strong running attack, and an opportunistic passing game. The only real difference is with the QB’s. Wilson is more of a read-option quarterback, whereas Bridgewater is more of a pocket passer who can run if the opportunity presents itself.

All-in-all, this should be a great game, and it’s a great time for the Vikings to exact some revenge on the Seahawks!




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Vikings vs Falcons

Every time I see this matchup, I have to cringe knowing that one of our best-ever teams were bested by the notorious “Dirty Birds.” I can only remember Jamal Anderson having one decent year as a running back-it just happened to be the same year the Vikings were rampaging their way to a Superbowl berth, 1998…until the Falcons squashed that dream.

I remember thinking, all we had to do was put one good hit on their Quarterback and victory would be ours. I had dubbed the Falcons’ QB  Chris “Chandelier” Chandler, because he was as fragile as glass-was always on the injured list, and yet, that “Chandelier” remained unbroken-as he and the rest of his team danced their F@*#ing “Dirty Bird” dance in our (Metrodome) end zone on their way to the Superbowl.

I guess the only consolation to this was the fact that the Broncos with John Elway at the helm went on to destroy the Falcons in Superbowl XXXIII.

But that was then and this is now. We have a new identity-one that is driven by a punishing defense and a run-first offense-a throwback team if you will-very strong on fundamentals.

Atlanta is #1 in stopping the run so far this year, and we have the best running back in the league…that will be an interesting matchup. I hope our offensive line is up to the task…

One would think this should be a game to try and stretch the field through the air a bit, but we still seem hell-bent on giving AP the ball on early downs no matter the circumstances…we’ll see.

All in all, the Vikings are the better team…we have better overall talent at many of the key positions on offense, defense, and special teams. We also have a relentless coach to keep the team heading due-north^^^onward, and upward.

This is a perfect time to clip the wings of the Falcons, trample them under foot and leave them on the field as road kill for the maintenance crew to dispose of after their demise…ya, I’m ready for the game!






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>>>>>>SHOWDOWN<<<<<< Packers vs Vikings


Can you see it? Can you feel it? Change is in the air. A Nordic storm is building momentum in Minnesota-a storm so powerful, so menacing, even the bravest of souls quiver in its wake. Venture outside if you dare-face the vengeance  of the “Vikings.”

As game-time approaches, I can’t remember a time when I felt more confident about our team moving forward as I do right now. Gone are the days of the soft defenses-this is smash-mouth at its very best. In less than two seasons as head coach, Zimmer has brought on a mindset that has an edge to it-a nasty edge, an edge that says “I’m gonna punch you right in the mouth and watch you bleed.”

The Vikings have an opportunity to put a stranglehold on the NFC North with a victory against their hated rivals-the Packers. The pundits are still giving the Vikings a 50/50 chance of coming out victorious on Sunday…they are still expecting the Packers to rise up to the occasion like they have since 2010, but, as I mentioned earlier, and what we fans know to be true-this is not the same Vikings team that the Packers had their way with in recent history.

So let’s sound the Gjallarhorn, the Vikings are going to battle! Change is coming…the momentum has shifted…can you feel it?

SKOL Vikings!





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VIKINGS vs RAIDERS a tale of two 2nd year Quarterbacks

The two most promising quarterbacks from last years draft will go head-to-head on Sunday as our Vikings travel to the home of the Raiders-to the dreaded “Black Hole.”

This game will be forever linked to the Bridgewater vs Carr match-up in the eyes of the analyst’s from the moment they hit the field Sunday afternoon. How they fare as their team’s franchise signal caller will more than likely stay with them for the duration of their respective careers…the media-driven comparisons between the two start Sunday afternoon. Yes, this is a big game, and they both know it.

On offense: Both teams have offensive weapons at running back and wide receiver positions…we will always have the edge at running back as long as #28 is on the field. Our two-top wide receiver’s Wallace and Diggs are every bit as skilled and dangerous as the Raiders duo of Cooper and Crabtree. Offensive lines will always play a big part in determining the outcome of the game.

On Defense: This is where we should have the advantage. Our defense is at, or near the top of every defensive category, and they will be tested early, and often. The Raiders’ defense is OK against the run, but leaky in the passing game-the Vikings need to take advantage of this if they want to come away with a victory.

All-in-all, this should be a very interesting and entertaining game…lets hope our Vikings keep the winning streak going-I think Teddy will be up to the challenge…let the battle of the 2nd year QB’s begin!



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Unlike the normal headlines where you typically hear, watch and read about QB’s pitted against each other, the Running Backs take the spotlight in today’s match-up between the Vikings and the Rams.

Adrian Peterson the greatest running back of all time will battle for bragging rights against the up-and-coming Todd Gurley in a game that is touted as “a passing of the torch.” I think #28 may have a say on that…

The defenses will have something to say too regarding the outcome of this game-one could say even more so than anything else. Back in the Fran Tarkenton days, when the Vikings battled the Rams, it was the Purple People Eaters against the Fearsome Foursome…we will get a taste of that nostalgia as well in today’s game.

Finally, where I think we have a decisive advantage is in the quarterback position. Teddy Bridgewater, in only his second year is finding ways to win in comeback-mode…look no further that last week to see a perfect example. Nick Foles on the other hand is an average quarterback that has pretty much average games. If the Rams are down late, it is not likely that he can lead his team to a comeback.

Overall, this should be an entertaining game on many levels-and a victory would put us at a note-worthy 6-2 record!



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Grimacing Cutler…Barr none

Looking into the Bears’ proverbial mirror with this weeks match-up, I saw a familiar sight, something I saw not too long ago…

If the Chicago Bears were a jigsaw puzzle, there would be few pieces that have been put together to show the finished product…in other words, the Bears are now what the Vikings were in the past-before the Zimmer era. The Bears are a team that is average at best…a middle of the road team…a team that is looking for a new identity…sound familiar? Our Vikings were there not too long ago, and thanks to strong drafts and great coaching, the Vikings have turned the corner-into contention.

Although the Vikings haven’t beaten the Bears in Chicago in a long, long time, (even then Viking Brett Favre couldn’t do it) this is a different Viking team: they are not push-overs-they do the pushing, they used to get punished-now they do the punishing.

Given where both team are currently at heading into Sunday’s match-up, the once “Monsters of the Midway” are a distant memory and the Purple People Eaters are hungry again, and on the attack!

Our defense will gobble up the Bears’ O-line and swarm Cutler in a sea of purple rage.Our offense will strike swiftly and efficiently, leaving no doubt that the Vikings are a force to be reckoned with for a long, long time.

Dec 9, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison (96) forces a fumble from Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6)during the second quarter at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

SKOL Vikings!!!

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The Vikings look to continue the momentum as they head into Detroit to play a key match-up in the NFC North.

Peterson has had the best success rushing against the Lions, so it was a relief to see him active for the game due to his illness…he will be ready to cut it loose.

Diggs is digging it, and it has showed in a big way on the field as he gets another chance to shine. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Floyd unfortunately will not be on the field today as he continues to heal up, but thanks to our depth, we should be OK with our D-line.

Bridgewater has not been stellar, but he has continued to make the big throws when he needs to. As long as he continues to correct his mistakes, he will only get better as the season moves forward.

All-in-all, the Vikings match up well against the Lions, and our defense should keep the heat on Stafford enough to force a couple bad throws for them to take advantage of…


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After a week off, the Vikings host the Chiefs…minus their star running back. The Vikings had some time to heal their wide receiver group to a point where it will be interesting to see who will be the odd-man-out. With the emergence of the rookie Diggs, and Thielen’s steady play, will Patterson be the bench warmer? Perhaps all six wideouts will be active.

The only thing going for KC is their pass rush, outside of that they are weak. If the Vikings’ O-line can keep Teddy upright, the Chiefs will be in for a long afternoon.

Peterson will get his touches, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulk of the scoring came from the arm of Bridgewater.

The Chiefs come in wounded, and I expect the Vikings to send them home with another loss to their dismal season.

The bye week losing streak will end this Sunday, and the Vikings will start a new winning streak…


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Bridgewater vs Rivers=Liquid Adrenaline

As week three commences, we find our Vikings even at an early 1-1 record. The Vikings will look to stay on the winning path against the Chargers.

There are some very good reasons why people in Viking land feel optimistic about Sunday’s game:

Adrian Peterson has had great success against the Charger defense particularly in 2007 when he set the record for most rushing yards in a single game with an amazing 296 yards.

Norv Turner was a former Head coach for the Chargers, which should give us the edge on Phillip Rivers’ weaknesses and how the Vikes can exploit the Charger defense with our QB Teddy Bridgewater leading the way.

Mike Zimmer brings an aggressive defense that will keep the Chargers off-balanced resulting in several turnovers. If our defensive line hits Rivers like they did Stafford, the Chargers will be in for a long afternoon.

Lets keep the momentum going in the right direction…Purple Rain=Purple Pain!

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The Sky is (not) Falling

For those old enough to remember the story of “Chicken Little” with our young heroine Henny Penny as the one who once declared “The Sky is Falling”…little did she realize it was only an acorn that fell on her head. There are many twists and turns in this old fable, but I’ll let you, the reader seek out the story on your own.

The obvious connection with Henny Penny and most of the bloggers that posted after the drumming we took against the 49ers is crystal clear-“The Sky is falling in Viking-land.”

Let’s all take a collective deep breath…and exhale-after all, we played all of one game. ONE.

Let’s wind the clock back to the early stages of last year and if you recall (I’m sure you do) a quarterback of a certain rival team uttered the words “Relax” in response to their fans crying out that the year was already over (thank goodness it ended in a glorious collapsing ball of fire.) The other team that comes to mind happened to win the Superbowl (I know it’s deflating, but…)

Now I know some of you are probably thinking our own Teddy is not like those other unspeakable QB’s, and your right, he’s not. But no one can deny the surge of talent we have on the Viking’s squad, and Teddy is just fine. Speilman has been great, Zimmer has changed the mentality of the team…we are headed in the right direction…are there problems-yes, but you can be certain they are being addressed, and will continue to be.

It’s better to start off slow, and gain momentum, than get off to a fast start and fizzle down the stretch…we will reach the mountain top, it will happen soon…destiny will finally find us, and when that happens…ouch something just fell on my head.

So, the moral of the story is-don’t proclaim “The Sky is Falling” until you first check the bump on your head!


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