It’s all Blair Walsh’s fault?

I have now had a couple of days to digest the latest heartbreak in my Vikings fandom.  I see the outrage over the miss by Walsh and people saying that now Gary Anderson can finally breath a sigh of relief.  Someone has to bear the cross for this loss.  It is Blair Walsh who is the one doing this, he picked up the cross by himself and put it on his own shoulder.

Does he have the full responsiblily for this loss?  NO!  Should he take some blame?  YES!  Can we also please look at the whole game to spread some of this blame all around?  I personally am happy with our season.  Before the season no one thought that we would finish 11-5.  People had us finishing somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7.  11-5 is a great season for us!  We finished 5-1 in the conference and were NFCN Champs!  I am proud of our Vikings and excited by the way we are trending upwards with such a young team and many budding stars.

OK on to the blame game.  First off the gjallarhorn broke before the game and we had no backup plan in place.  Ok now that that’s out of the way on to some truths.  How about our offensive line not making any holes for AP to run through or giving Teddy any time to throw?  Speaking of AP, if there is a hole, don’t keep dancing in it and don’t fumble the football!  Andrew Sendejo will NEVER have an easier INT opportunity.  HOLD ON T IT ANDREW.  When Wilson had the ball sail over his head then fell on to the ground, got up, and threw that pass…YUCK.  Our D-line has to take advantage of that opportunity and get the world’s easiest sack.  So, how about on the same play our D-backs cover someone?  Teddy can you please throw the ball in the endzone for a TD this game?  AP  you know that Walsh likes to kick from the right hash mark.  Maybe our long snapper ( I forgot his name) could have snapped the ball a little better for Locke?  Maybe Locke could have, you know, turned the laces a little?  And finally thank you Walsh for scoring the only points we had this game but maybe make the kick next time!

Blame falls all around, not just on the shoulders of one man on one play. So, once again, thank you Vikings for a wonderful season and I am so excited to see what next year brings us.  My hopes are VERY high…SUPERBOWL anyone?

By tampavike

No Chance

Sooooo……..Every major site and most “experts” give our beloved Vikings no chance at winning this Sunday’s rematch with the Seahawks.  It seems like have fought that battle all year long.  Can’t win in prime time, can’t beat a team with a winning record, No way can the Vikings take the division title.  We have proven every one of those statements wrong!


I know that we were recently blown out by the team from the west but we are a different and better team now.  All I have to say is


By tampavike

Cheese Week

OK Fellow VFBers….It is that time of year again that we face that nasty curdled cheese from the east!!!  Zimmer says that we haven’t won anything yet, but doesn’t it feel good to finally be in first place in the division again?!?!


Here is a little diddy for the way I feel about Sharon Rogers and the pukers!


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As I sit here catching up on all that has happened in the past couple of days, trying to stop my head from spinning, I thought that it would be a good time to look at Teddy Bridgewater.

In high school he started his sophomore year at Miami Northwestern and completed 97 of 160 passes for 1560 yards (60.6%).  16 td’s and 3 ints. He rushed 45 times for 211 yrds. (4.7 ave.) and 2 td’s.  They finished 13-3.

As a junior he had 2546 passing yards and 32 td’s. Rushed for 379 yards and 5 td’s.  As a senior he missed part of the season with a MCL injury but had 2606 passing yards and 22 td’s.  Rushed for 223 yards and had 8 rushing touchdowns.

Here are his college stats.

Season Passing Rushing Receiving Total Offense
Comp Att Yds Pct TD Int Sack Rating Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Yards
2011 191 296 2,129 64.5% 14 12 33 132.4 89 66 0.7 26 4 0 0 0 2,195
2012 287 419 3,718 68.5% 27 8 28 160.5 74 26 0.4 17 1 0 0 0 3,744
2013 303 427 3,970 71.0% 31 4 28 169.7 63 78 1.2 20 1 0 0 0 4,048
Total 781 1,142 9,817 68.4% 72 24 83 157.2 226 170 0.8 26 6 0 0 0 9,987

You can clearly see his progression throughout his career.


By tampavike