Here’s to HCG …




So I was riding my bike home from work this morning and came across this … The Mighty Turtles on Viking RD! How could I not show HCG his retirement corner?

O yea Musgrave sucks. Vikings lost. Frazier is too nice to be a Head Coach. I cant remember what a good QB plays like. Peterson 13 carries and Freeman 53 passes …. someone please explain that one.

By shawn6464

Did Frazier figure it out?

Remember how Christian Ponder took over for Donavan McNabb? Wasnt it a mysterious injury nobody knew about until midway through the week?

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings

Not sure if its been said but Im excited Cassel is starting, he is a true pocket passer unlike the nervous feet of Ponder who runs to avoid the breeze …. and just by glance I think I saw both starting WRs prefer(between the lines) Cassel?

Jerome Simpson said, per The Star Tribune: “He has great composure. You can just tell he has that leader in him. It’s good to have him in the huddle.”

Greg Jennings told reporters, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press, that Cassel is “more verbal, kind of commanding in the huddle.”

Remember we only got to see Cassel play behind a second string OL in preseason, which may have been more like third string the way our OL has looked to this point.. I predict BIG WIN 34-17 Vikings and Ponder never plays again …. fingers crossed. Im guessing Jennings and Simpson arent the only two Vikings who have seen better leadership from the Tom Brady apprentice.

By shawn6464