Help the Fans Name the Stadium!

Hello faithful VFB members.  It has been quite a while since a new blog was created, so hopefully some of you are still visiting from time to time to see if anything new is happening.

In this painfully long offseason, something finally has happened.  Thanks to the recommendation of an unnamed blogger *cough**cough* over at the Daily Norseman, they are starting a movement to get a Fan Name for the Vikings’ new stadium.  This is a great movement, because who wants to talk about US Bank every time they head to a Vikings game?  Over the past few decades, we at least had the Metrodome, (or Metrodump as it later became known) even after that mall bought the naming rights late in its life.  It wasn’t the greatest of names, but at least it wasn’t an unwarranted endorsement to a business that we may or may not want to support.

This movement is being submitted in a 3-part process.  First, (as in right now) they are asking fans to submit ideas of names that they would like to be used.  Then they will have a poll where fans can select the name among the ones submitted that they like best.  Finally, the great reveal, where we will learn the name that we THE FANS selected for our stadium!  So please, head on over to Daily Norseman and help get us a stadium name that we can be proud of!

Hang on to Your Memorabilia!

Day 1 of the draft has ended, and the Vikings have found a new weapon for Teddy Bridgewater.  It wasn’t the odds-on favorite Josh Doctson that the vast majority were predicting.  Instead, it was the receiver that they were all expecting to be picked first!  That’s right, Laquon “YaaYaa” Treadwell is now a Viking, and Treadwater is about to become a thing!

What’s even sweeter about this pick is that it finally justified my refusal to let go of any of my old Vikings memorabilia.  It was announced earlier today that he has chosen the number that he will wear in purple.  In college, he wore #1, but that’s not allowed for receivers in the Pros.  They are limited to numbers between 10-19, and 80-89.  So Treadwell doubled-down and chose #11.  Great news for any of us holding on to an old Culpepper Jersey, as it can now be re-purposed with Treadwell’s name and brought out of the closet for the first time since 2005.


Okay…so it’s not exactly a great way to honor the man who is about to help us win our first Super Bowl, but at least it gives me a way to say that I got his jersey nice and early!  Now, on to day 2 of the draft!

Greenway’s Back!

The Vikings’ free agency has finally concluded with almost exactly a month to go until the draft. They started out strong with some promising additions to the offensive line, brought back just about every significant contributor to 2015’s division winning roster, and brought in a couple of defenders with high upside to compete for playing time. But one thing remained unsettled until earlier this afternoon. Chad Greenway, the team’s first round draft pick from 2006, was still looking to get one more single year contract before retiring. He hinted to the media that he would be willing to go to another team in order to make it happen, but we all knew better.

Having grown up in Mt Vernon, South Dakota, Chad’s been a Viking his entire life. He’s a great professional on and off the field. He’s been voted to the Pro Bowl twice, led the team in tackles numerous times, never had a season where he recorded less than 93 tackles, and is always providing a great example to the other players around him. Off the field he has personally funded charities and been named the Vikings’ man of the year multiple times, as well as receiving a nomination for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. Still, things dragged on for a while as fans waited anxiously hoping that the Vikings’ front office wouldn’t turn their backs on such a great leader for the team.

Apparently, all it took was a song written by some dedicated fans who wanted the local hero to sign on to one final year with the only team he’s played for his entire career before he retires. Say what you want about the Backstreet Boys. You may hate them and their music all you want, but they provided the song that turned out to be the incentive to convince the team and player to find common grounds.

Welcome back Chad! Now go out there and win us a Super Bowl in our new stadium!

You Hired Him For What!?

Recently the Vikings have made a couple of changes to their coaching staff.  The beginning of it all started when Jeff Davidson, the offensive line coach and last remaining remnant of Frazier’s staff was not resigned.  To replace him, Zimmer went out and hired Tony Sparano, who was most recently tight ends coach with the 49ers, but has served in many different roles in colleges and the NFL over the years, including a few years as a Head Coach following some successful stints as an offensive line coach:

Sparano’s Coaching Background:

Year Age Level Employer Role
1984 23 College New Haven Offensive Line
1985 24 College New Haven Offensive Line
1986 25 College New Haven Offensive Line
1987 26 College New Haven Offensive Line
1988 27 College Boston University Offensive Line
1989 28 College Boston University Offensive Line
1990 29 College Boston University Offensive Coordinator
1991 30 College Boston University Offensive Coordinator
1992 31 College Boston University Offensive Coordinator
1993 32 College Boston University Offensive Coordinator
1994 33 College New Haven Head Coach
1995 34 College New Haven Head Coach
1996 35 College New Haven Head Coach
1997 36 College New Haven Head Coach
1998 37 College New Haven Head Coach
1999 38 NFL Cleveland Browns Offensive Quality Control
2000 39 NFL Cleveland Browns Offensive Line
2001 40 NFL Washington Redskins Tight Ends
2002 41 NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Tight Ends
2003 42 NFL Dallas Cowboys Tight Ends
2004 43 NFL Dallas Cowboys Tight Ends
2005 44 NFL Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line/Running Game Coordinator
2006 45 NFL Dallas Cowboys Offensive Line/Running Game Coordinator
2007 46 NFL Dallas Cowboys Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Line
2008 47 NFL Miami Dolphins Head Coach
2009 48 NFL Miami Dolphins Head Coach
2010 49 NFL Miami Dolphins Head Coach
2011 50 NFL Miami Dolphins Head Coach
2012 51 NFL New York Jets Offensive Coordinator
2013 52 NFL Oakland Raiders Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Line
2014 53 NFL Oakland Raiders Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Line/Interim Head Coach
2015 54 NFL San Francisco 49ers Tight Ends


Then news arose recently about Pat Shurmur signing as an undisclosed coach with the Vikings.  The name was vaguely familiar to me, but I didn’t know much about him, so I looked up his coaching history.  He turns out to be another former head coach (making 3 of those on Zimmer’s staff now, in case you’re counting) who has had a handful of successful stints as a QB coach and offensive coordinator where he was able to help significantly improve the offense’s output, and improve the performance of young QBs such as Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Nick Foles.  This led me to the following hypothetical conversation that I’m sure we all expect has occurred:

Q:Norv’s not on his way out, is he?  He hasn’t had much success in his first two years here, but I don’t get the impression that Zimmer is ready to give up on him yet.
A:No, Norv’s keeping his job as our offensive coordinator for at least another year.
Q:That’s good, I suppose.  So Shurmur’s going to be our new QB coach then?
A:Well, no.  Norv’s kid, Scott Turner apparently doesn’t want to give up that job.
Q:Well, our RB coach just signed with the Browns, so that spot’s still open.  Is that where he’s going?
A:No, we thought our TE coach would make more sense as the new RB coach.
Q:Then who’s going to be the TE coach?
A:THAT’S where we’re placing Shurmur!!

And I think that conversation goes on to reassure the questionable minds that this is really more of a token position for Zimmer’s 3rd former head coach on the offense to help improve their performance.  I get the impression he’s going to have a lot to say in the QB meetings, and offensive game plans to help improve one of the least productive passing games in the NFL.  Sure, his job will “start” with the TEs, but Teddy’s going to be getting a lot of help from the guy too.  And, if Scott Turner’s not a complete buffoon, he will pay attention and start learning what he’s been doing wrong the past couple of years at the same time.

Shurmur’s Coaching Background:

Year Age Level Employer Role
1990 25 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1991 26 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1992 27 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1993 28 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1994 29 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1995 30 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1996 31 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1997 32 College Michigan State Tight Ends
1998 33 College Stanford Offensive Line
1999 34 NFL Philadelphia Eagles TE/OL Coach
2000 35 NFL Philadelphia Eagles TE/OL Coach
2001 36 NFL Philadelphia Eagles TE/OL Coach
2002 37 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2003 38 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2004 39 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2005 40 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2006 41 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2007 42 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2008 43 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
2009 44 NFL St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator
2010 45 NFL St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator
2011 46 NFL Cleveland Browns Head Coach
2012 47 NFL Cleveland Browns Head Coach
2013 48 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator
2014 49 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator
2015 50 NFL Philadelphia Eagles OC/Interim Head Coach

Weasel Stomping Day!

Happy New Year Vikings fans! This season, the Vikings’ first game of the new year also gets the recognition of being declared Weasel Stomping Day for the season.

What is Weasel Stomping Day you ask? I don’t blame you if you don’t remember. This is only the third year of its implementation on VFB, and I think I might have forgot to announce it last year. WSD marks the game in which the opponent deserves to be crushed senseless due to recent weasel-like actions that they took against the team.

What better game for this year’s holiday than the one against the weasels of the Packers organization? They started the first game of the season by getting refs to penalize our guys for breathing. It was a big enough statement that our guys had checked out by half time. Those weasels also paid the refs off in the game against Detroit, ensuring that a bogus facemask penalty got called as time expired, giving them another shot at winning the game. Had that not worked, the refs still had plenty of flags in their pockets to keep the game going until a play did work.

These weasels have also been atop the division for far too long. Their weaselly fans have gotten so arrogant, that they need to have their spines stomped out of them repeatedly for many, many years until they finally recede back into the annals of their local KMart, peering out on rare occasions with putrid hopes that they have been able to put something close to what resembles an NFL team back together.

So let’s all put our Vikings helmets on and go cheer for our team to decimate the Weasels in Wisconsin, taking our rightful place atop the division back for this year, and preparing to rule it far into the future!

Final Home Game at TCF

This is it.  The regular season in TCF is coming to a close.  The Vikings will be transferring banks after tonight’s game.  And tonight’s game just may prove to be meaningless.

Should the Packers lose to the Cardinals this afternoon – which is very possible as the Cards are the better team – then it will not matter who wins in the Giants-Vikings game.   With either result, the division would be decided in Green Bay next Sunday.

It almost makes you want to root for the Packers, doesn’t it?  Just so you know that this game will mean enough to the Vikings for them to give it their all.  ALMOST.

It’s not quite that bleak though.  The Giants are out of the playoff race for the fourth consecutive year.  Rumors are beginning that Tom Coughlin’s going to be out of a job before the next season begins.  Plus the Giants are coming off a big media circus due to their young wide receiver losing his composure last week against the Panthers, and getting himself suspended for tonight’s game.

The Vikings meanwhile are likely to return all three of their defensive stars who have been dealing with injuries over the past few weeks, but are all listed as probable.  Assuming, of course, that rumors of Zimmer deciding to rest them one more week if the game holds no meaning are just rumors that have been created by the media.

Whichever way it goes, rest assured that I am going to be sitting there tonight, right at the 50-yard line screaming my frozen ass off and supporting the team in what very likely may be the last last outdoors Vikings home game of my lifetime.


Path to the Division Championship

With just 5 games left in the season, the Vikings are in sole possession of first place in the NFC North, and have a one game advantage on the Packers, the only other team with a realistic shot at winning the division at this point.  So what is it going to take to guarantee that the Vikings win the title?  Had we won the game against the Packers last week, that answer would be a whole lot easier.  It would have the Vikings at 9-2 right now, with the Packers (assuming they still lost to the Bears) at 6-5.  Either two wins, or beating the Packers in Green Bay would be enough to clinch the division.

But, the truth of the matter is that we lost the game, and are sitting at 8-3 with the Packers at 7-4.  If they win the final game of the season, they would own the head-to-head tie breaker, haven beaten the Vikings in both meetings.  If the Vikings win the final game, then the Vikings would own the tie breaker, having a better record in the division.  So that means, in order to win the division, the Vikings would either need to have a 2-game lead on the Packers heading into the final game (eliminating the chance for a tie-breaker) or be no more than a game behind the Packers leading into that game and earning a victory in Green Bay.

With a 1-game lead, and the Vikings having a tougher schedule than the Packers, the latter scenario appears to be more likely.  The Vikings’ next four games are against Seattle, Arizona, Chicago and the Giants.  The Packers meanwhile will be facing Detroit, Dallas, Oakland and Arizona.  At face value, Detroit, Dallas and Oakland look to be locks for them to get wins, except that the Lions have found their roar recently, winning their last 3 (including a game at Lambeau) and demolishing the Eagles by a score of 45-14 on Thanksgiving day.  Meanwhile, the Raiders could be clawing for a shot at a Wild Card spot, giving them some incentive to beat the odds when the Packers head to the West coast.

In all likelihood, the best result that the Vikings should be hoping for is the Packers to go 2-2 in their next 4 games, meaning the Vikings would need to go 3-1 to clinch the division before heading to Lambeau.  This will not be an easy task, as the Giants look to be the only lock for the Vikings to beat.  Their most notable wins were against Washington and Buffalo early in the season, and now they appear to be in a free-fall.  Chicago has come on strong as of late, Seattle is starting to remind the NFL why they were the conference champions, and Arizona has an outside shot at home-field advantage in the playoffs.

The most likely scenario appears to be that this division is going to be decided, one way or another, in Green Bay on January 3rd.  If the Packers win 3 of their next 4, the Vikings would clinch the division by beating Green Bay with anywhere from 1 to 3 wins heading into the game, or 0 to 2 wins if the Packers are only able to win 2 of the next 4.

It all starts this week, with the Cheese Heads heading to Detroit on Thursday night, so for one more day I’m going to be a Lions fan!  Then it will be all Purple and Gold as we face off against playoff caliber opponents for the next five weeks and convince everyone in the NFL that the Vikings are for real, finishing off with a trouncing of the Packers on their home turf!


Power Rankings – Week 9

This week’s power rankings are in, and things at the top half of the league are staying pretty stagnant. While the Rams dropped to 14 thanks to an overtime loss to your Vikings, the Vikings themselves didn’t do enough to move out of #15.

nfl power rankings week 9

In other news, it seems that the Rams’ head coach thinks that a person who has been dubbed the dirtiest player in the league multiple times wouldn’t have a clue what a dirty play, player or coach is. He said this in an attempt to minimize the criticism he and his team have taken for the cheap shots they took on Bridgewater last week, and other QBs earlier in the season. I think I can speak for a vast majority of Vikings fans when I say that coach can rot in hell.

NFL Power Rankings Week 8

The trade deadline has passed with only one trade occurring – for an AFC team – but more importantly, the Week 8 Power Rankings are in! Your Vikings, although winning their second road game in a row, find themselves sliding down this week due in large part to it being a very narrow victory against one of the worst teams in the league. Big games from teams just below them helped the slide as well. The Rams embarrassed the 49ers winning 27-6 and the Chiefs obliterated the Lions by a score of 45-10.

Elsewhere in the league, we find the Packers dropping only 1 spot after being exposed by the Broncos who in turn were able to move past the Packers, up 4 spots into 4th place. The dismantling of the Lions moved them down to last in the league, giving the NFC North two teams now that have graded out as the worst in the league at some point in the first half of the season.

Coming up this week, the Rams are headed to Minnesota after bypassing them in the rankings with a strong showing over the 49ers, a team that destroyed the Vikings in game 1. A transitive comparison would present a strong argument that because of this, the Vikings do not stand a chance in the game. But actual averages comparing overall performance for the entire year, weighted against the strength of opponents will show that the Vikings still hold a slight advantage in the upcoming game. With two of the top 4 defenses in the league facing off this week, look for this to be a low scoring game that will probably come down to the final drive once again. Look for your Vikings to start proving the doubters wrong, as they will finally get their second chance to show their abilities against a team with a WINNING record!

nfl power rankings week 8

Power Rankings Week 7

Week 7 has come and gone and teams appear to be starting to settle into their true positions for the year.  Surprisingly for so early in the season, very little has changed in the power rankings this week.  The top 5 stay exactly where they were, along with your Vikings at #12.  The Eagles under-performed enough this week to drop 3 spots and boost 3 other teams all up one.  Other than that, the Titans and Cowboys switched spots, and the 49ers graciously took the Bears’ position at #32 while the little fuzzballs were resting up on their bye.

pr wk 7