Bye Week Five O.

zombomeme26092016013119-26092016013119So it’s a slow news week for our beloved Vikings, ┬ábut things are looking pretty good with the Purple Pillagers sitting at five and none.

In other news, a series of large storms is approaching the west coast, Kluwe called Trump a ham hock, and my dog figured out how to open my gun safe.



So now we have a new round of ‘Name that Blogger’, but with some VFB pets added in…

This dapper fellow will be Blogger X:

This lucky dude is Blogger Y:

And this fun fellow with very tan hands is Blogger Z:

PART 2; Name that Bloggers Dogger!

This comfy pooch is Dog A:

And this cozy canine is Dog B:

Good luck, have fun, GO VIKES!

Name that Blogger!


We will call this sporting chap “Blogger X.”


This handsome fellow will be “Blogger Y.”


And this outdoorsy guy will be referred to as “Blogger Z.”

Instead of a prize for one person, everyone gets a T-shirt from my bar, once I get a new batch made. Skol gentlemen and good luck!

AND THE WINNER IS……………….. !!…………………………………….or “How I learned to stop worrying, and love this Blog.”

Somebody won…dot dot hashtag dot….
So glad the prediction game didn’t have 6 winners. Y’all would have had to predict the curling champs in Russia.
<a href="htbeevtp://”>curling</a
Just read the last three weeks of blog. Try it. Took 12 light beers just to get through it.
Made me laugh to beat the band, for sure! Some truly funny shit. And yet somehow very respectfull.

So many great posts…….




Titus and Nova both won points before the final game….

Nova won that last game score prediction handily. NOVA WINS!! Congrats. I will deliver it soon. SOON AND WE ARE WATCHING YOU. I mean congratulations!!!



Good job essay. (Nova.) I am not watching you.

The Wizards of VFB.

So the jersey points for the tie game against the cheesers indeed go to…..TampaVike and Vikingology!!!! Belated CONGRATULATIONS V.O. and Tampa!!!! Barroooooooooooo to you! And point for the 23-20 ass whipping we put on Chicago goes to…….GreatIrishPotatoFamineEsquire!!!!!! Skol Irish!!! Congrats! It seems we have a bunch of Wizards among us as there is now a five way tie, though anyone can still win at this point. So get your predictions for the Ravens game in!!! Ahh Feels good to be back.