Make your case for or against Joe Mixon.

Oklahoma Sooner running back Joe Mixon has a wealth of talent, no doubt about it.  However, he committed an act of retaliation against a woman who struck him several times in his face, breaking some of her facial bones with one blow from his fist.  He plea-bargained to a lesser charge which allowed him to serve 100 hours of community service and sat out a season at OK.

NFL teams will have a decision to make in April come draft time.  Add a player who could immediately provide a boost to the offense and weather the storm of negative publicity that accompanies that decision, or wipe their hands of him and lose out on a great talent.

What say YOU, Viking fans?

By northwoodsv2

11 comments on “Make your case for or against Joe Mixon.

  1. Here’s the legal side: The general rules of engagement in simple assault hold that the person who throws the first punch is in the wrong. Nobody blames you for defending yourself. Think back to the incident for a moment and imagine that instead of a pretty blond girl, it was a muscular blond male football player from another team who had a beef with Mixon. If he had shoved Mixon, punched him in the face and grabbed for his throat, and then Mixon responded by totally lighting him up with a single punch that knocked him out, it would be the blond guy who was charged with assault. Mixon would have been high fived back in the locker room for taking the guy out with such aplomb.

    But this was a young lady(?) so the whole thing goes out the window. If this was being considered in a court of law, how is it that she wasn’t the one charged with simple assault?

    People do deplorable things in moments of distress – shootings, stabbings, running people off the road with their car. People also get caught up in drugs and gambling, leading to other deplorable things.

    Even the show Cops is now charging the wife/girlfriend with domestic assault if she is the one who instigated the attack.

    Men are supposed to be gentlemen, but that should be with the consideration that the woman is supposed to be a lady, not a belligerent and physical aggressor.

    If the Vikings start a local campaign to improve his PR, maybe set up a program of counseling similar to what they did with AP……we could end up with a steal in the draft.

    Of course, there are no doubt numerous people in the NFL who feel strong enough about “NEVER hit a woman” that would make sure Mixon’s life would be hell on the field.

    But hey – a lot of people accepted AP back…..and his kid didn’t even start it.

    • Based on an Oklahoma law (basically is a hit for a hit no matter gender) Mixon is innocent, but public opinion will make him out to be the worst thing since Hitler.

      Talent wise he is worth it, but the headache of bringing him in will take away from the other players. With that said I’d rather take an OLinemen as McKinnon is good enough to be a starter if given a half decent OLine.

  2. In order to make a decision, I would have to know more:
    – What did the woman weigh?
    – How tall was she?
    – Was she an athlete?
    – Was she drunk?
    – Did she do any damage to Mixon?
    – Did he lose his temper?

    I am sure that the vikings will explore all these questions and decide if the reward from drafting this guy is greater than the risk.

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