VIKINGS vs PACKERS Fill in the blank ________ the Packers!


It seems the Vikings are all but forgotten in the eyes of every sports analyst out there , and the Packers are where they should be, in the playoff picture…after all they have the anointed one-Aaron Rogers at the helm. Well there is only one thing to say to that…______ Aaron Rogers and ______ Green Bay!

The Vikings have been through practically every detrimental scenario this season-between the astronomical amount of injuries to key players, to the O.C. walking out on the team, to the head coach having multiple eye surgeries, not to mention our former kicker being shown the door, it seems Minnesota has finally succumbed to the season of hell.

But there is unfinished business-the business of beating the Packers and severely damaging their playoff hopes just like we had our hopes dashed last week. Nothing would warm our hearts more than the Vikings pulling off the victory against their hated rivals, why, because ______ the Packers, and ______ Rogers and while I’m at it ______ that long haired ______ too.

So as we draw closer to kickoff, lets send all the positive vibes to our team in purple and all the negative ______ to those ______ Packers…why, because______ the Packers that’s why. And by the way, all I want for Christmas is that ______ Aaron Rogers two front teeth, and a Viking victory over Green Bay, so ______ the Packers and SKOL Vikings!

Merry Christmas to all!


By vikingology

70 comments on “VIKINGS vs PACKERS Fill in the blank ________ the Packers!

  1. ***BREAKING NEWS***

    Packer fans arrested after placing cheese in the runway leading to the plane skidding off of it…

    …As many as 20 rabid Packer fans were caught leaving the scene of the crime with hundreds of pounds of cheese…apparently they somehow got onto the runway and laid out assorted flavors of cheese along the runway in an attempt to derail the plane carrying the Minnesota Vikings…

    …The plot seems to have worked as the plane skidded off the runway after safely landing. It has been speculated that the “cheese culprit” that gummed-up one of the landing wheels on the plane was Gouda, although some thought Swiss, the debate continues in the airport break-room facilities….

    …The Packer fans were later “treated” and released citing insanity and were each given a cheese ball for the holiday!

  2. LOOK AT THIS BULLSHIT HERE !! looks like they’re mailing it in again today. if they’re gonna play like this on defense, let’s just play all the backups. 2nd quarter, and Jordy Nelson already has over 100 yards receiving. no pass rush. Rogers is doing what he wants, when he wants…

  3. Both turnovers were a direct result of our offensive line…otherwise this is a tight game.
    Fitting for Clemmings to allow a sack on the last play of the game. They should flat out release him immediately.

  4. If the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl next year (2018), then I will have spent half a century (50 years, or,600 months), waiting for what seems to be the impossible.They will find a way to kill you every year.
    Maybe not 1st Degree murder, but at the very least, manslaughter.


    On the bright side, these 2 obnoxious slobs will be able to clean out an all-you-can-eat New Year’s Eve buffet and not have to worry about coaching (HA !) the next day.
    Have a nice rexit, fatboy.

  6. It is more than obvious that the Vikings OLine is in need of a rebuild, a few guys I would pay attention to are:
    Antonio Garcia, LT, Troy
    Forrest Lamp, OT/G, Western Kentucky
    Isaac Asiata, OG/C, Utah

    Also Western Kentucky HB Anthony Wales could be a good mid/late round guy to pair with McKinnon.

  7. Lot of talk about sitting Bradford (keep him healthy), and kicking the tires on Heinicke this weekend.

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea. In fact, they should take this opportunity to get a lot of the younger guys in there.

  8. Don’t worry Titus…the Vikings will win the big one…soon. Obviously you realize you are among others on this very blog site that has endured Vikings mediocrity for a long, long time.
    Like NW said, we as Viking fans must take the good with the bad…it’s an investment with the team, right?
    Besides, imagine choosing another team like, say…the Buffalo Bills and then the Vikings win the following year! That could happen!
    Stick with the Vikings, they are close, it will happen.

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