The Vikings remain alive in the quest for a playoff berth as they welcome the Colts into town in what is another must win game.

But before we look forward to tomorrows tilt, lets turn the page back-back to the year 1969 (Although I understand some of my fellow VFB’ers were not born yet.) In the fall of 1969 the Beatles Abbey Road was released in what would sadly be their final album.

The album was filled with many clues regarding the conspiracy that Paul McCartney had died in a car accident in 1966 and a lookalike impostor posed as Paul. One of the clues in particular was a license plate on a Volkswagen Beetle that was in the background of the iconic “Fab-Four” as they crossed the street. The license plate read 28IF, referring to the age Paul would have been if he were alive at that time.

Ultimately the rumors were proved to be false and Paul was alive and well-and still is as one of the last two remaining Beatles alive.

Which brings me back to 28IF. Perhaps by now you have made the connection while I’m having a little fun with the post. Yes, by now we all know the Vikings 28 is not an if anymore, but a when, and that when is this Sunday as we welcome back #28 Adrian Peterson back into the lineup.

How much he will play and how effective he will be is remains to be seen, but he will have to be accounted for, and that is a plus for the offense as a whole.

Welcome back AP-and SKOL VIKINGS!


By vikingology

55 comments on “COLTS vs VIKINGS…28IF

  1. It’s ‘ Need a Laugh Time ‘……I told my doctor that I had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours and what could she could give me for it ? …She said ” I’ll give you $10,000 and a 1/2 share of my condo in Hawaii.

  2. That was by far the worst performance I have seen them play this year-it was over before half time. Absolutely pathetic-and for a team AT HOME in contention for a playoff spot…Un-F@#%ing believable.

  3. Here’s what I don’t understand…no matter who we play and what weaknesses our opponent has, we never exploit that…we run the same offensive game plan every single game.

    Everyone in the league knows the Colts have the worst pass defense in the league, and we go out and try to establish the run-which has not worked all year anyways.

    This is the one game where I thought the Vikes would use AP as more of a decoy and throw the ball all day instead of run with “All Day.” Then he could get some touches after we put up some points. I just don’t get it.

  4. Shurmur cannot be OC next year…we need someone who has a better grasp on utilizing our offensive players to put up points…not control the clock and keep it close. This is a touchdown league, and if we can’t score points, eventually the defense will fail. Welcome to Viking football.

    • He’s actually right, but it just irks me when and how he says it, because he works for the organization. Seems like he always has some kind of spin on shit. The type to pour syrup on shit and still call ’em pancakes…

  5. Things are gonna get interesting tonight Titus!!! Jonathan Stewart and Greg Olsen vs Kirk Cousins.

    It would be a sweet victory if I beat you with my 2 WRs scoring less than 4 combined points!!!

    Good luck to you!!!

    • Way too close for comfort. A five point lead and I have one player and you have two playing? I have to think it will be a shoot out and your RB will be utilized less and less as the game wears on. It will be close!

  6. Sorry Titus. Wasn’t your year, but one helluva improvement over last season. Next year you’ll be right back in the mix.

    Not sure why I’m such an early favorite over the Groin Holders, but they have me as an 18-point projection. That’s usually when I lose, so that sucks.

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