4th Quarter Begins-Vikings vs Jags


After a strong start-and the only undefeated team left after five weeks, the Vikings have since them commenced to lose six out of their last seven games and now stand at a meager 6-6 looking up at the Lions and sideways at the Packers.

We all know the story of how the Vikings arrived at this position as unimaginable as it sounds, it is the Vikings after all…we’ve come accustomed to the improbable,  haven’t we.

A few weeks ago I wrote in a post that the last two games  (Lions and Cowboys) would define our season-well it most certainly has. Instead of controlling our own destiny to make the playoffs, we now not only need to win out the last four games, we will need some other teams to falter down the stretch.

I don’t blame Speilman, I don’t blame Zimmer, I don’t blame Bradford, I blame fate-as only the Vikings can produce-the kind that you never saw coming, but expected the whole time.

So, fellow bloggers, lets sit back, relax and enjoy the last quarter of the season, as only a Viking fan can, after all, we always have hope-don’t we?



By vikingology

100 comments on “4th Quarter Begins-Vikings vs Jags

  1. even though it’s the Jaguars, i see the offense finally having a good game, but let’s not get our hopes up too high, it is the Jaguars, as i said earlier. wish i could watch the whole game with you guys, but work’s a-callin’, and it’s the crazy time of the year there. will definitely be checking on the game tho’..SKOL !!

  2. If you guys remember, I raised an orphan jaguar in Belize. Maybe I should have called him ‘Bortles’, but their QB wasn’t born yet. If I had to do it all over again, I still wouldn’t curse him with that.

  3. Why didn’t Thielen call a fair catch and catch the damn ball? He was standing right where it landed. He let it bounce and it cost them almost 10 yards. Same thing on the re-punt – should have run up and fair caught it.

  4. I told my doctor that I keep having erections lasting more than 4 hours… I said
    ‘What can you give me for it” ?????
    She said….” $ 2500 per week and a 1/2 share of my condo in Hawaii “

  5. SKOL !! good win. not gonna say ugly or pretty, because a win is a win, and we need ’em however we can get ’em. great job by Novascotia narrating and keeping the updates going on the game. need you back next week also..SKOL !!

      • Good to have hopes, but you also felt we’d win out back before the Lions game. There are 2 possibilities with AP – he plays vs the Packers and has a career game (5% chance happening), or he plays like he did in the first game and a half this season (and like he did his 2 games against them last season), and they stuff him into the turf up to his shoulders (95% chance).

  6. I see it like this– we cream Indy at home scoring well above anything we have so far and AD suits up for GB- he plays a limited amount but enough to throw the Packers off and we win a close one at Lambeau. Then we obliterate the Bears and AD starts to get his form back- we enter the playoffs, eventually entering Jerry;s house and beat the Cowboys to cement a ticket to the Super Bowl.

  7. I am working on a new post-what does AP and the Beatles have in common…I’ll let you know in the post later today!

    On a side note…it is -23 degrees this morning here in Helena, MT. What temps do we have around the VFB ers?

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