Cowboys vs Vikings All Hands on Deck

If there was ever a time for the Vikings to pull out all the stops-this is the game. The Vikings have one last chance to right the ship with a win against the Cowboys on Thursday night.

It’s time for the offense to step up and put some points on the board-stretch the field vertically (not horizontally) and force Dallas out of rhythm…they are too comfortable in what they are doing-a team needs to knock them off their game and on their ass. The Vikings are just that team.

Stopping the run will be essential for the Vikings, but ultimately, the offense will dictate the outcome of this game. Sam Bradford needs to take control of the team right now and do whatever it takes to move the chains. This is it fellow bloggers-this is the game that will either break us or get us heading on a post season surge.

So get your drinks lined up, it gonna be a wild night-“It’s all hands on deck!”



By vikingology

100 comments on “Cowboys vs Vikings All Hands on Deck

  1. defensively, Hunter is gonna be paramount in this game. Prescott loves to roll out, looking for Witten. he has to contain, and don’t get sucked into the run. the interior HAS to do their job tonight, which means stopping the run, even if we need to stack the box. i trust Rhodes one on one against Dez Bryant, which is why i’m hoping we blitz, blitz, blitz. Prescott hasn’t seen steady all game all season. let’s see if he can beat us with his arm..

  2. Edwards tried to get fucking cute. stop the bullshit and let Rhodes do his job on Bryant. run schemes and stunts elsewhere on the field, just let Rhodes stay on Bryant. no other defender has a chance against him except Rhodes, who is our best option..

  3. A few observations:

    I’ve never seen the refs review a turnover outside of two minutes without a challenge flag being thrown-but yet they did for Dallas on that fumble.

    Diggs caught a ball and was tackled on the 30-but the refs mark it inches short,,,after another penalty, we settle for a field goal…Elliot does the same thing on a run, and gets the automatic first down.

    The refs gave Prescott two extra yards on that slide-it took a challenge flag to overturn it.

    Theilen needs to fair-catch that ball-if he does we probably win.

    Rudy can make great catches, but that was a perfect throw he has to make that catch in the end zone. Charles Johnson does not have soft hands.

    Bradford did not get the facemask call because he is not one of the “Chosen ones.”

    What pisses me off the most about that game was we totally outplayed Dallas, and still found a way to lose-there is no margin for error for the Vikings.

  4. This season is toast. I turn 60 the day before the Super Bowl and, in October, was looking forward to that weekend.
    Last night’s finish was a microcosm of our season…..we can’t gain two (or even one) yards when desperately needed.
    The only thing that keeps me half-sane is the fact that we (probably) won’t trade for Tony Romo.

    Wait……did I say half-sane ? I’ve LOVED this team since 1968…I think that qualifies me as full-blown insane.

    • Should be a close one. I’d like to have a TE that’s performing better, but Olsen has always been one of the best…..hopefully he’ll catch Cam’s eye…….of course, it sucks that any success that 3 of my players have is directly tied to your QB.

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