Turkey Hunting-Detroit Style

The next two games for our Minnesota Vikings will more than likely define the season…back to back Thursday games-at Detroit and home against Dallas.

So, here we are getting ready to watch a rare Viking Thanksgiving game as they battle the division rivals-and first place Lions. Since the Lions won in Minny a few weeks ago, the Vikes are looking to return the favor.

This is our time-not Detroit’s…we need to take first place back-and it starts on Thanksgiving Day. So shout out a big SKOL, and watch our Vikings go Turkey Hunting-Detroit Style.


Left to Right: Hunter, Rhodes, Smith, Griffen

By vikingology

75 comments on “Turkey Hunting-Detroit Style

  1. what i don’t understand is, why is there so much cushion for these WRs if we’re blitzing. QB has to get rid of the ball quick under duress. i may be wrong, but shouldn’t the CB play a little tighter around the line of scrimmage ?? unless these CBs are just slow and need to give space…



    (I know he’s not starting, but I can’t help myself)

  3. the way Detroit is bringing everybody up to the line, this would be the perfect time for a deep pass, but hey, the O-line can’t hold their blocks long enough for a play like that to develop..

  4. We lost that game when we got conservative on first and goal when it was 10-10. We didn’t even take one shot in the end zone-we settled for a field goal opening up the door for Detroit to tie with a field goal instead of a TD, and ultimately beat us again at the buzzer.

  5. Its incredible to think after our 5-0 start that we probably won’t make the playoffs. The only way is to win the division, and after today’s results that’s not looking good at all. We pretty much have to run the table…we are punchless on offense-it’s pathetic.

  6. The only reason I think we have a chance against the Cowboy’s are because we are home. We will be in the game in the 4th quarter, but I’m afraid our offense seems to be OK with scoring few points in hopes of the D coming through.

  7. Sometimes killer instinct comes from the offense not settling for a field goal, but going for the TD. We rely too much on our Defense to hold up a three point lead. I’d really like to know what is going on “behind closed doors” because there is just too much turmoil going on with the Vikes…they have lost confidence because they can’t close out close games There is a big difference between being 8-3 compared to 6-5.

  8. This was supposed to be our year-I’m fed up as a fan being ‘Leapfrogged’ by other teams. I understand injuries have taken it’s toll, and cop-out-Norv didn’t help things either…yep, just another day in the life of a Vikings fan.

  9. Sam Bradford – “We need to create more explosive plays.”

    Well, Sam, last time I checked, YOU are the one who distributes the ball. Afraid to check out of a play or go to your 1st/2nd/3rd read? Your fault.

    Or is that a weak translation of “My O-line sucks something bad, and I don’t have time to get the ball farther than the line of scrimmage before I’m stuffed into the turf.”

    If we do anything with our first several picks next year other than take the best OL available, I’ll……..piss and moan some more.

    • By the time the O Line collapses, even Randy Moss could not run more than 8 yards deep from the line of scrimmage. Bradford is hardly the problem– if we did not have him, we would probably score 3 points a game, oh wait, I mean after Walsh was replaced, we would.


    After seeing U.S. Bank Stadium, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, in a fit of jealousy, orders A.T..&T. Stadium, the 7 year-old home of his team, to be demolished.
    He then announces plans to construct a 17 million-seat arena that stretches from Dallas to San Antonio.
    ” We will have cactus, sagebrush, saloons, brothels, Clint Eastwood, rattlesnakes, wagon trains coyotes and everything else associated with the Wild West ! We will have John Wayne’s body exhumed and re-buried at mid-field ” !
    When asked how the fans in the ‘cheap seats’ ( such as in Austin ) could possibly view the action, Jones was quick to respond with ” Every fan will be given a plastic replica Winchester rifle with an actual working scope ! Can you imagine the other team calling a play with hundreds of thousands of rifles pointed at them ” ?
    It remains to be seen whether even a stadium of this size is large enough to contain Jones’ ego.

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