It seems that Zimmer has had enough and has decided to tighten the reigns on the entire staff. During his weekly press conference, he announced to the media that the team was going to do things his way…just like the Elvis song-lets hope that the Vikings get back to their winning ways this Sunday at home against the Cardinals-who are also having their issues.

If Sam Bradford has time in the pocket-and that’s a big if-the Vikings will be fine…we are still a great team, we just need to find our rhythm again. Our Defense also needs to buckle up-especially our D-line, which is supposed to be one of the better lines in the league. The Vikes need to apply pressure to Palmer from the get-go.

The Vikings will get back on track with a solid win…with a couple of field goals and PAT’s to “boot.”

Vikings 27-Cardinals 13     “I did it my way…thank you very much!”


By vikingology

65 comments on “I DID IT MY WAY

  1. we’re so used to slow starts by the defense, they start off good, (3 and out). after that, Arizona drove downfield for a TD rather easily, and now driving downfield just as easy on this possession, after having to start deep in their own territory…

  2. role reversal. offense playing okay. defense keeping Arizona in the game. that pick 6 by Rhodes was big, but besides that, and their first possession, the defense has been getting driven on…

  3. Once again Hillman posts a significantly higher YPC, yet is barely used. He got 2 touches, with a 4.5 yard average. McKinnon did a little better this week, with 2.8 yards per carry over 16 rushes.

    Why would they not incorporate Hillman more?

  4. Could (or should) the Vikings show interest in Redskins backup LT Attauyo “Ty” Nsekhe during the upcoming offseason?
    He has looked pretty good after taking over for Trent Williams (not sure if it is because of injury or suspension). He is a RFA and getting up there in age (31), so it may not be likely.

    • Last year I would have immediately said Thielen.

      This year……Patty is showing his worth as KO returner, and is showing good improvement in the WR department. But, Thielen is outproducing him as WR.

      However, our WRs have produced many more TDs than Patterson doing kickoff returns, and Thielen just keeps getting better at WR, so I’d still have to say we keep Thielen – IF we had to choose.

      Both will be back next year, but Johnson and Wright are looking expendable.


    Green Bay, Wisconsin (AP)
    Thousands of mathematicians and math instructors from around the U.S. and Canada are being air-lifted to Wisconsin in an attempt to head-off an anticipated devastating late-December outbreak of frostbite .
    One prominent State Health Care Official, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, (because he couldn’t remember his name), was quoted as saying….” It is imperative that we teach the general population that, once the packers reach 11 losses, they DO NOT have to remove one shoe and sock in order to count them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to milking Bessie “.

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