Week 10: Vikings @Redskins

The Vikings march into the nation’s capital to take on the Redskins as they try to overcome a 3 game losing skid, which has only magnified by the way the lost last week. The Redskins may be an easily overlooked opponent seeing as they have struggle abit this season, but they still yet have a solid defense and Cousins is a good QB as long as their run game (HB Rob Kelley) has atleast a slight bit of success. Can Diggs and the short passing game burn Norman and the Skin’s dinged secondary? For the Vikings the game will likely be dependent on the Oline limiting Kerrigan’s access to Bradford.

Can the Vikings breakout of their skid and mount a playoff run?

Vikings Inactives: WR LaQuan Treadwell, CB Captain Munnerlyn, CB Marcus Sherels, QB Taylor Heinicke, OG Willie Beavers, OG Zac Kerin, DT Sharrif Floyd.

Redskins Inactives: T Blaine Clausell, DT Jordan Hill, DT Matthew Ioannidis, WR DeSean Jackson, HB Matt Jones, OG Arie Koundjio, QB Nate Sudfeld

146 comments on “Week 10: Vikings @Redskins


    *** To any packer fans who may read this, it does NOT mean ‘murder your spouse’
    (unless you really feel the need to)

  2. i’m actually starting to get nervous about the defense out there. seems like every week, these OCs from other teams come up with a totally different scheme to beat this defense, totally exposing what we do…

  3. Asiata TD. still nervous about our red zone possessions, but i’ll take this one. about time the O-line blocked the guy in front of ’em. now defense, let’s get the ball back to the offense to see if they can build up some momentum..

  4. when you can’t win one yard on runs, chances are you’re losing the game, because instead of TDs, you’re kicking FGs, which is hard enough with Walsh. Sporano has to go also. Moose made a good point. the O-line syays high on blocks, which is a technique and scheme being taught during the offseason, thus being sold by Sporano. he has to go…

  5. I am very impressed with our team this year. 5 wins in a row? Then four losses. Very creative way to let me down. Only been a die hard fan for 29 years, so let the abuse continue. HOlympic mackerel yes I am entertained.

  6. Both times we could’t get the first down with one yard to go resulted in field goals for the Skins…if I see another run up the middle with one yard to go…Walsh is a bum and should be let go immediately-but we probably have no reasonable choices at Kicker. We are officially Free-Falling.

  7. Boone offering to slide to Tackle. Likely will have to activate Shepherd from the PS.

    Theoretical – if we keep getting season-ending injuries, what happens when we run out of cap space and can’t afford to pay anybody new?

  8. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who were just eliminated from the CFL playoffs, had a kicker named Justin Medlock. He was phenomenally accurate this year: 60 of 68 field goals (long of 58 yards) and 33 of 33 converts (converts in the CFL are the same distance as the NFL, I believe). I have no idea what his contract status would be, presumably he would be available now.

  9. Some nice stats on Forbath:

    – Spent 4 years with Washington, last year with Saints
    – Lowest PAT % was 96.9 (career avg 97.6%)
    – Overall FG average 84.1% (90% under 30 yards, where our ex-kicker seemed to struggle – take away his rookie season, Walsh’s FG avg is 80%)
    – Only 4 FGs blocked in 5 years
    – Actually made 2 tackles last year
    – Opposing teams starting point is 24 yard line
    – Doesn’t look like a raccoon
    – Not known to have any psychological disorders

  10. Does (did) Walsh have any family relationship to the Wilfs? Maybe by marriage somehow? How about to Spielman? I thought it strange that they didn’t bring in any competition at kicker in the off-season, after you know what.

  11. Not giving up hope, and I know it sounds like a broken record, but can you imagine a healthy and experienced line of Long, Boone, Easton, Berger, and Smith next year?

    Get those injuries taken care of, give them another season to study the book……

  12. Vikings tried to claim RB Christine Michael off wavers, but Green Bay had higher priority.

    I think Hillman is the answer – he’s had his stuffs just like the others, but he’s also dashed off some 9-14 yard carries. He’s only had 16 runs thus far, but 4 of them have resulted in a first down. Peterson had 31 runs with only 3 first downs, McKinnon has 81 runs and only 9 first downs. Asiata is closest with 16 1st downs for 80 rushes, but that’s still less than 25%, and he’s the “short-yardage” back we expect to have more.

    Plus, Asiata, McKinnon, and Peterson all had better blocking (less injured O-Linemen) to run behind. Hillman’s numbers would be even better, but had a couple 10-yarders called back by penalties.

    • I like Hillman. Between Hillman, McKinnon, Diggs, Patterson, we should be doing great on offense— all starts with protection. We have the skilled positions, the weapons; we need the foundation of a good O Line. Elementary, as the great John Madden used to say.

    • There’s the spirit! I just don’t see how this offense is going to accomplish a score like that. Still, my numbers say that we should be victorious at home. Vikings get some semblance of a team back together and win this one 21-15.

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