TurNeR ShUrMur

As if the Vikings didn’t have enough to worry about regarding their dreaded offense-they were blindsided with the sudden resignation of Norv Turner. Enter, Pat Shurmur-Tight Ends coach by day, interim O.C. by night. Shurmur has worked with Sam Bradford in two previous stints with the Rams and Eagles as has had various degrees of success. Bradford had a very good second half of the season last year and Shurmur was a key figure in getting him up to speed in the first four games of his beginning tenure with Minnesota.

Somewhere along the line-after the bye, Norv took back the offensive reigns, and the offense-along with Sam Bradford became non-existent, the offensive line-downright ugly…it was as if we went back in time with no offensive direction, just a bunch of guys counting “one Mississippi, two Mississippi whoa,  hold on, I wasn’t ready for the oncoming Rush!”

Our Vikings are thankfully back home playing against NFC North rivals the Detroit Lions. Let’s hope the offensive line isn’t as offensive as it was last week against Chicago. I have a feeling we will get back on track with our winning ways. All three phases will be clicking as the Vikings tame the Lions 30-13.




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152 comments on “TurNeR ShUrMur

  1. not saying refs blew that call on the Detroit DB draped on Johnson. now if the refs gonna let them play, as aggressive as Rhodes is on the line of scrimmage, there shouldn’t be a problem with PI’s on him today…

  2. as hard as this Washington dude is running, i hope the defense don’t turn this guy into a name by missing tackles, or not wrapping up, like they did for that unknown RB from Chicago last week…

    • not all, but some of it may be simple fatigue during the game, barring the early long runs by Washington this game, and Bailey the last game. been on the field quite a bit these last couple of games…

  3. Cariboo wins this weeks prediction point
    VO: Vikings 30-13 off by 23
    RV: Vikings 23 -10 off by 19
    CB: Vikings 17 – 14 off by 9
    Pa: Vikings 25-13 off by 18

    Parody I added a point to your prediction point total for last week, you were waiting for confirmation right?

  4. I froze the picture when the packer fans ( lambeau field capacity 81,435 )were yelling ” GO “. I counted 81,438 actual teeth. but, **upon further review, two of them were wooden

  5. I had a few trees to plant then went for a hike with my daughter so I DVR’d the game…wish I hadn’t witnessed that debacle. Walsh officially lost a game for us. He is done-he has that lost look on his face. This season is suddenly spiraling out of control.

  6. How many points did we leave on the field? I counted at least 17. There was the missed extra point, the missed field goal, the blocked field goal, the missed opportunity after Greenway’s interception ( at least a field goal), and the missed 4th down and inches (should have been a TD that close).

  7. I believe we will overcome all this adversity. If we can start winning immediately, we really can be hopeful- far better to have a struggle like this than glide into the playoffs with a sense of invincibility. The best teams have these moments — rarely do the ones that win nearly all their games have the fortitude to overcome in the playoffs. SKOL VIKINGS. #StillSailingOnVikingsShip

    • i believe that also. usually during a slump like this, i’m edgy because we generally don’t bounce back when we hit a rough patch during the season. it goes downhill til we bottom out. i guess my trust in Zim has me calmer than normal, knowing things gonna straighten out real soon…

  8. The upcoming draft doesn’t have a many if any top end tackles, but has a decent amount of 2nd-3rd round guys who could help tackle needy teams like us.
    Here is a small-ish list of some of them:
    Dion Dawkins, OT, Temple
    Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell
    Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin
    Taylor Moton, OT, Western Michigan
    Conor McDermott, OT, UCLA
    David Sharpe, OT/G, Florida
    Jon Heck, OT, North Carolina
    Chad Wheeler, OT, USC
    Zach Banner, OT, USC

  9. I have a feeling that the ship will be righted this weekend. Our defense got cocky, played with less intensity and they got a dose of humble pie.

    Last week, our struggling Oline showed significant improvement over the previous 2 catastrophes. Whether it was a simple scheme adjustment to quicker passes or (hopefully) better pass-blocking, a taste of success will start rebuilding their confidence.

    Vikings pull out a close one 21-20

  10. Made a number of roster changes and a few trades to ensure a LesBarooos victory.
    I also sense the Vikings will have made adjustments to come out swinging and against my feelings we will be beaten, I predict a Vikings victory.

    Minnesota 34, Washington 21

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