74 comments on “MNF: Vikings @ Bears

    • I don’t know……Asiata and McKinnon are both averaging double per carry what AP was doing. Heck, even Hillman is a fraction ahead of AP. And they block and catch better.

      The one thing AP gave us was 9 men in the box stuffing him…..opened up the play action, but our swiss cheese O-Line would negate that now.

  1. the way the offense is playing, seems like 10 points is all that’s needed to beat this team, let alone if the defense has a bad, or even normal game. those guys have to score points on defense now. SMDH…

  2. living in NJ i would always get heated when the media never gave us no exposure or love in this area, or on ESPN. now i can’t be mad no more, because every time the hype machine starts, the boys fold. very disappointing so far…

  3. well we already know the problem on offense. defensively, it looked like Zim didn’t prepare these guys for the pistol offense and formation Chicago ran pretty much all fucking game, along with poor tackling…

  4. after seeing Zim’s presser and hearing about Norv’s reason for leaving, i think they definitely bumped heads on how the offense should be ran. i was always under the impression that Zim gave total control of the offense to Norv, for better or worse. now i know the HC has total control over everything, which is why i’m still a little confused over this. i think it was more lack of execution rather than scheme that’s killing this offense (largely in part to the O-line stinking up the joint)…

  5. may be too late for the O-line to change their philosophy. because these guys can’t handle or block the guy in front of them, maybe a zone blocking scheme would work. sadly though, but changes like this are major changes, and usually done during the off season, and or preseason. seems like we’re stuck with this til the O-line somehow find a player(s) or learn on the fly how to block correctly…

  6. Shurmur coached Bradford twice on other teams, using slants and short passes – accounting for both of Bradford’s best seasons. I’ve seen many other people comment on the lack of slants in our offense. Short, quick passes would help get the ball out before the rush gets him.

  7. From NFL.com:
    Vikings guard Alex Boone and linebacker Eric Kendricks both didn’t practice due to concussions. Defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd (knee) also didn’t practice.
    Running back Jerick McKinnon (ankle) returned to practice and was limited. Safety Andrew Sendejo (ankle) was limited.

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