Beware, the Blood Eagle

I’m sure you’re all wondering just what a Blood Eagle is.  I know that if I were you, I would be, since I only just learned of it.  I learned of it when I started searching for pictures to inspire a post for this weekend’s game.  And did I learn something interesting!

The Blood Eagle was a tactic of torturous death supposedly used by our Viking forefathers wherein they would cut the ribs of the victim right next to the spine and bust them outwards to form an image of eagle’s wings.  The torture was extended by pulling the lungs out the back and applying salt while the victim suffocated.  Very brutal indeed.

So that brings us to our upcoming game, where I pity the poor soul who dares call himself an Eagle in front of our Vikings defense.  These Eagles were flying high and mighty for the first month of the season.  They obliterated each of their first three opponents, including a 34-3 annihilation of a top-rated Steelers team.  Then their wings were clipped and they quickly came crashing down to earth, with losses to the Lions and Redskins.

Now the Eagles start the tough portion of their schedule, as they face the most difficult opposition of any team in the NFL.  Their remaining opponents have a combined win percentage of 65.76%, and the first on that schedule is your beloved Minnesota Vikings.

Sure, as the comparison image below shows, their rookie QB has been doing pretty well.  But the NFL has started to learn his tendencies, and weaker defenses have been able to exploit them.  Now the undefeated Vikings defense is coming in fresh off a bye, and ready to extend their season of dominance over every foe they face.  First up: Carson Wentz and his soon to be Blood Eagled brethren.

131 comments on “Beware, the Blood Eagle

  1. And so comes my prediction for the week. The Vikings will get out to an early lead and ride it through to the end. The Eagles will make a desperate attempt at the end of the game, but will end up settling for too many field goals and lose their third in a row, 16-17.

  2. O-line playing like shit early this game. Eagles not doing anything special. no stunts, or tricks of any kind. just getting beat man on man. Brandon Graham may be a problem wherever he lines up today..

  3. Aikman actually said something i agree with. understood this was a bad game for us, but it’s almost hard to believe they way they’re playing today, with all the mistakes and bad play, that they came into this game at 5-0…

    • Absolutely– I asked a colleague last Friday– Could this be their first loss? I am not surprised, but thought it would be a close game. This is good– we are better losing now than 10 games in.

  4. Rumors are swirling that the Vikings may be trying to make a move to bring in an OT by way of trade, with the two most likely guys being 49ers Joe Staley or Browns Joe Thomas.

    Staley would seem to make the most sense as the 49ers are preparing a fire sale of sorts. The salary cap will be problematic no matter who they attempt to bring in, so Spiels will need to work some of his magic.

  5. Playing into the Viking trade rumors: SeaChicks HC “Running” Pete Carroll referred to Minnesota “making a big move” for an offensive lineman during his press conference.

    The SeaChicks have also been looking into OLinemen, so perhaps someone is just using the Vikings need to try and force the Chicks to overpay.

  6. Currently the Vikings have a 2nd round pick, two 3rds, two 4ths, a 5th, 6th, and a 7th in the 2017 draft.

    Outside of OLine there are very few needs with the Vikings have, so getting Bucknell, OT, Julie’n Davenport with one of the top 2 picks should occur (2nd round may be slightly high, but he is going to be good).

    If the Vikings were not as Cap strapped as they are, perhaps they could possibly use some of their draft capital to rent a stud-ish LT like Joe Staley. Maybe they could move Jarius Wright and the Captain to open some wiggle room.

  7. As of yesterday McKinnon was no longer wearing a boot to protect his sprained ankle, so it may be looking more likely that he will be able to break the Bears.

    By break the Bears, I mean through receiving not all that confidant in our run game. Patterson would have been an option to trick a young secondary, but he is dealing with a concussion.

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