Bye Week Five O.

zombomeme26092016013119-26092016013119So it’s a slow news week for our beloved Vikings,  but things are looking pretty good with the Purple Pillagers sitting at five and none.

In other news, a series of large storms is approaching the west coast, Kluwe called Trump a ham hock, and my dog figured out how to open my gun safe.


45 comments on “Bye Week Five O.

    • Agreed Bill! He at least knows the playbook, maybe Bradford can show him how to throw them open, or whatever. I like Teddy, I just wonder if he can come back 100%. Or we could just have qb by committee, three guys who are decent with bad legs. Trade them out, etc.

  1. Carson Wentz looked great the first 5 weeks, but it seems the loss to the Lions last week has gotten to him as he has been shaky against the Skins.
    Could he have lost his confidence? Will he turn it around in time or will he lose another and spiral even farther down when he faces the Vikings next week?

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