Week 5: Vikings vs Texans

The 4-0 Vikings will be taking on the 3-1 Texans, in a battle of dominant defenses. With Diggs out who will step up? Can our CBs handle the duo of Hopkins and Fuller? Can our dinged OLine handle Clowney and Mercilus? As long as the offense plays smart, mistake free football we will have a chance to march into the by week 5-0.

106 comments on “Week 5: Vikings vs Texans

  1. Just leaving the stadium heading back to New Jersey. WOW ! The stadium is un-f—— believable. Very glad I went. The SKOL chant was off the meters. Hard to be on the blog with all that energy around me. Good job by Roger holding it down. See y’all on the blog later..SKOL !!

      • indeed it is. by just looking around the stadium, it doesn’t appear to be a bad seat in there. even with the glass doors open, the place was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY LOUD. on 3rd downs i’m right next to my cousin, i’m yelling in his ear, and he could barely hear me. when the ”SKOL” chant gets going, with 60,000 plus, i couldn’t help but get the chills. true home field advantage is back in Minny…

  2. I got sick of watching the NYG-GB game. Eli is playing horribly. The Packers defense has given him so many opportunities and he is missing them all. He gets the ball with a short field on just about every drive and goes nowhere. Pathetic.

  3. During a press conference Zimmer talked about RT Andre Smith who is now on IR because of his elbow injury. Zim also said it is unlikely OT/G Mike Harris will play at all this season.

    If OT Jake Long is healthy, not likely, he would make for a nice pick up.

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