Vikings vs Giants

Will the Vikings dominate defense be able to handle Eli and his incredible talented trio of WRs (OBJ, Cruz, and Shepherd)? Will the 200 million that the Giants invested in their defense prove to much for Bradford and his favorite targets (Digg and KRudy)? Can a dinged Giants OLine hold off the explosively dominate Vikings defense?

127 comments on “Vikings vs Giants

  1. a couple missed tackles by the defense on the first Giants drive, but decent stand, thanks to a couple Giants penalties also. starting deep in our own territor. at the one yard line…

  2. SKOL. Making the annual pilgrimage up to Minnesota for Sunday’s game today. Gonna be hard for me to be on the blog and spectate live, but I’ll give it a try. I was hoping Digg’s groin injury would ease up, but I think he’s a no-go tomorrow. The other WRs really gonna have to step up this game. I look for Patterson to get alot of opportunities to make plays. Not even sure if Theilen is playing. Guess we’ll find out before kickoff. See y’all up north. SKOL…

  3. Could the Diggs groin injury lead to Treadwell having a significant impact on the game or will it be Patty showing he has actual value?
    Hopefully it is both.
    Is Zim blowing smoke by saying Fuller’s speed is worrisome or could it be what the game hinges on?

    The game will depend on which OLine can hold up the most, Vikings win 22 – 13.

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