Vikings @ Panthers

Can the Vikings beat the defending NFC champs? Will the Vikings have any sort of running game? Is Bradford going to be able to repeat his performance from last week?

By roger

89 comments on “Vikings @ Panthers

  1. now everybody talking about we need to replace AD. now we’re about to see how important he still is in this offense. just him being on the field changes the way defenses approach the game. Carolina does not respect our running game when he’s not in…

  2. by the way, this O-line is still shitty. nothing’s changed since last year. Clemmings is a 3rd stringer, at best. Smith is a has been, Boone is turning into one. Fusco is a 2nd stringer, and Berger is a 2nd stringer, at best.

  3. i don’t know if they need a complete overhaul on the O-line, or the O-line coach, who was just hired, needs to be fired. i know it’s only 3 games in, but shit, no kind of improvement from last season. not one bit…

    • I didn’t draft a very good team this year and the ones I have, Vikings defense excluded, have not been performing very well. I’ll be interested to see if Treadwell plays and. if he does, how well.
      Game result: Vikes 32, Giants 7.

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