Who’s it Gonna Be?

The Vikings face off against their long-time rivals from across the border Sunday night.  All eyes and ears are straining to find out who will be under center.  Veteran Shaun Hill protected the ball, made some nice throws, and contributed to a win in game 1 against the Titans.  He also, however, badly overthrew a wide-open Diggs streaking toward the endzone, and badly missed Johnson on a post.  His limited ability to stretch the field allowed the Titans’ defense to stack the box and stifle (an albeit rusty) Adrian Peterson.  The Packers will provide much stiffer competition than the Titans did, and the Vikings defense can’t be counted on for 2 TDs every week.

Newly acquired Sam Bradford has been taking every waking opportunity to digest the Vikings’ playbook…….even to the point of waking up QB coach Scott Turner in the middle of the night to ask questions.  Bradford has had 2 weeks to become familiar with the offense – could it be sufficient to surplant Hill at the most important position on the field?

It was leaked through Twitter that Bradford took ALL the first team reps during Thursday’s practice, giving valid weight to the speculation that he will debut against the Packers.  At this point, a more accurate and stronger arm may be able to offset inexperience with the playbook, and tip things in Bradford’s favor.  The big worry, of course, is a repeat of the MNF fiasco that was Josh Freeman, who was rushed into the lineup LOOOOONG before he should have been.

Could we be headed for embarrassment, or vindication?  Worst-case scenario, start Bradford and if things go sour, Hill is more than willing to step back on the field.

By northwoodsv2

71 comments on “Who’s it Gonna Be?

  1. This might be a little off-topic, but football is football…….
    Whatever happened to that arrogant, loud-mouthed egotist Rex Ryan ? His Buffalo Bills score 31 points against a pretty good Jets D and the next day he fires his OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, while keeping his equally inept and fat brother on as DC, after getting torched for 500 yds by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who looked like a young Joe Namath against Rob Ryan’s D.

    2 suggestions to fix the problem……

    (1)……..Fire your freaky, slob brother, freeing up his Sundays to gorge himself on deep-fried pepperoni and watch Grateful Dead videos.
    (2)……..move to England and get involved in a sport that is more suited to you. Darts comes to mind.


    We are SO LUCKY to have Mike Zimmer…………..GO VIKES !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ************ ASSOCIATED PRESS BREAKING NEWS***************

    Detroit (A.P)…….

    The Detroit Lions announced today that they have acquired QB Tyrod Taylor and RB RightFrontShockAbsorber Jackson from the Buffalo Bills.
    A team spokesman for the Lions was quoted as saying ” We thought they would be a good fit ”
    in return, the Bills, in need of a QB with the first name ‘William’, will receive the rights to 77-year-old former Washington QB Billy Kilmer and free undercoating for 2 years.

  3. ***********ASSOCIATED PRESS N.F.L UPDATE***********

    Detroit (AP)
    The Detroit Lions announced that recently acquired RB RightFrontShockAbsorber Jackson has failed a team physical, voiding the trade.
    ” He has lost the spring in his step and is a little rusty ” said the Lion’s head coach, who requested that his name not be published
    Fortunately for both parties, the 77-year-old Kilmer passed the Bill’s physical. The trade will go through, pending Buffalo’s willingness to accept less for their trade-in.

  4. Some interesting OLine prospects to keep an eye on:
    Dan Feeney, OG, Indiana (1st)
    Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame (Late 1st/2nd)
    Pat Elflein, OG\C, Ohio State (2nd)
    Roderick Johnson, OT, Florida State (2nd)
    Tyler Orlosky, C, West Virginia (2nd)
    Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell

    Also a LB who fits the mold of what Zim seems to like:
    Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt (2nd)

  5. Has anyone else been bitten by the “Undroppable Player” who subsequently gets injured bug?

    Apparently there’s an option to disable that feature.

    I may be the only one affected by it right now so I might just be a whiner, but is there enough people in the league who would want it shut off?

      • The League Manager can adjust the settings.

        “Undroppable Players

        In order to establish a competitive and balanced NFL.com Fantasy experience, the experts at NFL.com maintain a regularly updated list of players who cannot be dropped from your roster once they have been acquired. Players on this list are still eligible to be benched or traded, but not dropped or put on waivers. This feature promotes a fair game for all fantasy users by preventing actions that could compromise the integrity of the game.

        The League Manager can disable this feature in Custom League settings. With Undroppable Players disabled, all players are free to be dropped in your league.”

        I don’t completely understand what actions people could do that would compromise the integrity of the game.

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