Preseason Game 4 Vikings vs. Rams

Tonight at 7 CT the Vikings will be taking on the LA Rams. They are more than likely going to be starting the game with Jared Goff at QB, who has been anything but consistent this preseason. Will the Vikings backup defense have a feeding frenzy on the young QB or will he show some improvement? The Vikings will be taking a long look at QBs Joel Stave and Brad Sorensen to see who will be backing up Shaun Hill, while Taylor Heinicke recovers from his moronic injury (kicking in a glass door while drunk) that will likely keep him out for about 3 more weeks. There are also some interesting position battles that will be decided tonight.

Safeties: With Exum’s move to IR the remaining back up safeties are Jayron Kearse, Michael Griffin, and Anthony Harris. While Kearse has played well as he has come away with a couple picks, it will take a strong outing for him to overtake Griffin as Sendejo’s primary backup.

Linebackers: The Vikings are absolutely stacked at LB with the likes of Edmond Robinson, Emmanuel Lamur, and Brandon Watts battling out to back up Barr and Greenway. It would seem as though Lamur has the edge to be Greenway’s backup as he has more experience, is solid in pass coverage, but is in need of growth in the run game. Robinson will likely be backing up Barr and Watts will continue to be a special team specialist. Audie Cole and Kentrell Brothers will be facing off to see who will be Kendricks backup, with Cole likely being the winner and Brothers finding a spot on the PS.

DE: The Vikings have an embarrassment of riches along the DLine with the likes of Hunter and Trattou backing up Griffen and Robison and the developing talent of Stephen Weatherly. The question is can Weatherly overtake Trattou or is he destined for the PS?

HB: Will Matt Asiata continue to be the 3rd running back or can the youngster Ham beat him out?

WR: With Diggs, Treadwell, and Johnson at the top of the depth chart the Vikings have an intense battle going on between Patty and Theilen with Wright bringing up the rear. Wright likely will lose out to Patty as “Flash” is a stud kick returner. Böhringer is a major question as he hasn’t really done anything, although that is to be expected for a guy who has never played even close to the level of competition he is facing. He likely will be at the top of the PS list, hopefully no one steals him before he has a chance to develop.

There are other interesting battles at backup TE and OLine, with Clemmings earning extra reps with Kalil being dinged up. There is some bad blood between the Vikings and the Rams after S Joyner took a shot at Teddy’s head.


Also very important the VFB FF league draft is set for Friday, Sep 2, 2016 at 5:00pm CDT

147 comments on “Preseason Game 4 Vikings vs. Rams

  1. Well, I have mixed reviews of my first game at the new stadium. Outside it is an amazing architectural wonder. The huge doors overwhelm the scene and literally are so colossal, that side of the stadium seems domeless. Inside, the views along the concourses are similar to that in the TCF and Twins stadiums (gee, same construction company, go figure). But at the end of the day, the seats are plastic folding chairs with very limited leg room– cup holders on the back of the chairs are awkward– your foot may go under one and when the patron in front of you leans back, the cup holder traps your foot. Good grief. The most important part of the experience should be good, comfortable seating! Overall, though, it was pretty cool.

  2. Vikings announced cuts:

    S M Griffin
    WR I Freuchte
    WR Mo Bohringer (Hoping to PS)
    QB T Heinicke NFI (Can’t practice 1st 6 weeks)
    RB J Pressley
    DT Toby Johnson (Hoping to PS)
    CB Tre Roberson (Hoping to PS)
    LB Watts
    OL Beavers (Hoping to PS)
    DE Weatherly (Hoping to PS)
    RB Ham (Hoping to PS)
    FB Renaud
    QB Stave (Hoping to PS)
    TE Kyle Carter (Hoping to PS)
    DT Kenrick Ellis

  3. Denver was the 3rd team that Sanchez was on and was beat out by a rookie. He has thrown 84 ( not a typo, eighty-four ) INT’s in the last 6 years, to go along with 21 fumbles ( including the infamous butt-fumble ).
    When Teddy went down, I was PRAYING that we wouldn’t even consider Sanchez. With Jerry Jones as G.M., we can be assured that ‘ America’s Team ‘ will continue to suck….and suck…..and suck, long into the future.

  4. Oh, by the way, in Spiels and Zim I trust. We could have squeaked into the playoffs with Hill, but now the only thing that can slow our season down is how long it takes Bradford to get up to speed.

    • Titans got 9, even 10 in or around the line of scrimmage, daring Hill to beat ’em with the pass. hard for 5-6 guys to block 7-8 guys. although he did miss a breakaway run in the 1st half when didn’t see that hole on the cutback he should have made…

  5. gotta give some credit to the o-line. those guys kept Hill clean basically all game, giving him time to find his targets. run blocking was suspect, even though Tennessee constantly brought 7-8-9 man pressure to stop AD, and it’s damn near impossible to block that many with a normal 5 man front line, even with a TE. overall, those guys did a good job…

  6. To make room on the PS for cornerbacks Tre Roberson and Julian Wilson, T Carter Bykowski and S Shamiel Gary have been released.
    This marks Roberson’s second or third time on the PS this year, each time replacing or being replaced by Bykowski.
    Not sure if this is a sign the Rhodes may be out for sometime, but with the lack of info about his injury it looks that way.

  7. Anyone got time to write a new post?

    This will be a true test for AP. Fudgies held him to 112 yards TOTAL last year. In fact, he failed to gain 100 yards against any talented team last season. I would much rather have moved forward with McKinnon and Pressley this year.

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