Preseason game 2: Vikings @ Seachicks

Today at 9pm CT the Vikings will be taking on Seattle. The team they should have beat in the playoffs, if not for a broken play going Wilson’s way and a botched FG. Anyways, the Vikings starting offense will be looking to show continued improvement from last week’s 2nd drive.
Can Bridgewater continue to show that he has enough arm when needed? Will the starting OLine, mainly Kalil, keep Teddy safe? Are the Vikings WRs going to play big in the preseason, only to peter out when the regular season begins (Charlie Johnson)?
As for the defense will they continue to do what they did last year and play shitty against the run? Will Mack and Waynes continue to show development?

Do you guys want the Vikings to dump Jarius Wright, if so why? He is very consistent and doesn’t really cost that much.
Is everyone still interested in the VFB fantasy football league? When is a good time for the  draft?

By roger

68 comments on “Preseason game 2: Vikings @ Seachicks

  1. Man, that’s a lot of questions to answer…but here goes:
    Probably not…at least not for the first few weeks.
    No…they’re not going to play big all preseason. We’ll see the ups and downs each week.
    Yes, but we’ll see improvement.
    Yes for Waynes, but Mack is going to redshirt for his rookie year.
    Yes, just because there’s too much potential in the WR group, and Wright is one of the older guys who seems to have peaked. I’d rather keep an extra young’en around and see what he can add.

  2. When are we drafting– I am currently working a crazy schedule and can only draft during the weekend– Friday evening would work, but no other weekday works for me. Should we do a Sunday evening like last year?

  3. CP played very well – engineered 2 drives for TD’s, including a long pass for a TD.
    I know, I know, it’s the preseason and the 4th quarter, but he just signed with them last week. The CP haters are now free to dump on me.

  4. First batch of cuts trickling in:

    •LB Terrance Plummer
    •OG Sean Hickey
    •DE Thieren Cockran
    •OT Austin Shepherd
    •DT Claudell Louis
    •QB Brad Sorensen
    •WR Marken Michel
    •TE Brian Leonhardt

    No surprises there…..still wondering why they even brought in Sorenson to stand around and look hopeful.

    Also some whisperings of the team feeling out trades for Sullivan.

  5. A few years back I dislocated my kneecap, shifted inside, although it popped right back into place. Initially my knee felt like it was on fire, but the main issue was I wasn’t able to really bend my knee for about 2-3 weeks.

    From the sound of it Teddy’s was way worse, but hopefully he will only need the lower end of the recovery time as in 6-8 weeks (although I don’t want him to rush back).

  6. Doubters said Teddy’s skinny knees would eventually cause problems!!!

    Teddy’s injury sounds exactly like mine, except mine was caused by a teammate falling on the inside of my left knee. ACL, meniscus. I was back to playing softball, volleyball, and downhill skiing after a year of rehab, and that was back in 1991, the year after they stopped using leeches to suck up the blood during surgery.

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