Help the Fans Name the Stadium!

Hello faithful VFB members.  It has been quite a while since a new blog was created, so hopefully some of you are still visiting from time to time to see if anything new is happening.

In this painfully long offseason, something finally has happened.  Thanks to the recommendation of an unnamed blogger *cough**cough* over at the Daily Norseman, they are starting a movement to get a Fan Name for the Vikings’ new stadium.  This is a great movement, because who wants to talk about US Bank every time they head to a Vikings game?  Over the past few decades, we at least had the Metrodome, (or Metrodump as it later became known) even after that mall bought the naming rights late in its life.  It wasn’t the greatest of names, but at least it wasn’t an unwarranted endorsement to a business that we may or may not want to support.

This movement is being submitted in a 3-part process.  First, (as in right now) they are asking fans to submit ideas of names that they would like to be used.  Then they will have a poll where fans can select the name among the ones submitted that they like best.  Finally, the great reveal, where we will learn the name that we THE FANS selected for our stadium!  So please, head on over to Daily Norseman and help get us a stadium name that we can be proud of!

64 comments on “Help the Fans Name the Stadium!

    • Losing both Clay and Peppers is gonna be big for them, especially considering Clay was returning back to his natural position of OLB, where I must admit, he was a problem for our O-line in the past..

    • I see this as a good thing. 1 – Achilles injuries are hell to come back from. 2 – Gets us out of the issue of him performing well enough now that we cut a good replacement and end up getting bitten during the season when he re-injures it. 3 – Opens up another roster spot now to either keep a talented up-and-coming Tackle, or bring someone else in for a look.

      • I disagree. It’s good for him, most likely, but it hurts the team. The extra competition for the starting spot is more likely to produce a better result.

        Now that Smith doesn’t have to compete with the incumbent starter, will he put forth less effort? What kind of guy is he? Hopefully the young guys will fight enough for the chance that it will make the argument mute. I’d just rather that tough decision was made by the coaches instead of the player.

        • Stiff competition will let the cream rise to the top, but the problem with stiff competition is the increased potential for injury. What I’m afraid of is 300# goliaths knocking themselves and each other onto the IR trying to get a spot on the roster. Then we have last season again.

          Where’s Bykowski in the mix?

  1. Hey guys, for those of you without local channels, how have you watched the games these past years?

    Even with Dish, I was only getting a couple of the games each season (here in Eau Claire) – now, we cancelled our service.

    I thought I had the system beat – Verizon advertises “Watch every NFL game on your smart phone” – last night I found out the small print in that fake promise – you only get to watch Local-market games live. For an extra $100, you get to watch REPLAYS of all games, 72 hours later. Anyone know what “local-market” means? Because last night the game I could watch was Patriots/Saints, neither of which is very damn “local” in my definition.

    I’m not looking for a free source, I just want to watch the Vikings play…..LIVE.

    • I have NFL Game Pass. I am off the grid and use a Hub to capture a distant cell phone signal that is then amplified. That gives me the internet through which I get the Game Pass. Cost for the Game Pass is $250USD, but I have to pay usage on the internet feed, as well. Not cheap. Oh, I also have to generate my own power, which also costs something.

  2. My takeaways from that game:
    Starting OLine: Even though we saw very little of them, what we did see was troubling. If they don’t figure things out quick, our offense is going to be in serious trouble.

    Teddy: That deep pass looked awesome! Teddy started out the game pretty timid, waiting too long to make a decision, but got noticeably better as his time on the field wore on. I recall a very nice throw to Theilan over the middle with an even better catch by the receiver, in coverage.

    Defense: Run defense was pretty porous, but pass defense was outstanding. My first cut on the team is Jabari Price. I noticed him way too many times for the wrong reasons.

    Special Teams: I don’t recall seeing Patterson or Sherels today, but that Stoudermire kid looked pretty impressive. If he is able to continue that performance, he may be pushing both of our previous returners out the door.

    Other Notes: *While we won the game, it felt like a loss. I think that the Bengals would have had at least 4 more points scored if it were a regular season game, 1 for the extra point that they chose to go for 2 on instead, and 3 for a field goal that they probably would have taken instead of going for it on 4th and goal early in the game. **I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see Morbo outside of missing one throw over the top of his head. Right now, there’s no chance anybody is going to take him off our practice squad.***I can’t wait to see more of Treadwell. He seemed to be blocking for most of his time on the field, but looked solid when contested catches were thrown his way too.

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