Hang on to Your Memorabilia!

Day 1 of the draft has ended, and the Vikings have found a new weapon for Teddy Bridgewater.  It wasn’t the odds-on favorite Josh Doctson that the vast majority were predicting.  Instead, it was the receiver that they were all expecting to be picked first!  That’s right, Laquon “YaaYaa” Treadwell is now a Viking, and Treadwater is about to become a thing!

What’s even sweeter about this pick is that it finally justified my refusal to let go of any of my old Vikings memorabilia.  It was announced earlier today that he has chosen the number that he will wear in purple.  In college, he wore #1, but that’s not allowed for receivers in the Pros.  They are limited to numbers between 10-19, and 80-89.  So Treadwell doubled-down and chose #11.  Great news for any of us holding on to an old Culpepper Jersey, as it can now be re-purposed with Treadwell’s name and brought out of the closet for the first time since 2005.


Okay…so it’s not exactly a great way to honor the man who is about to help us win our first Super Bowl, but at least it gives me a way to say that I got his jersey nice and early!  Now, on to day 2 of the draft!

127 comments on “Hang on to Your Memorabilia!

  1. Just found out due to their injuries, Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith have injury insurance policies that pays them according to how far they fall in the draft. Jack’s policy kicks in if he gets picked in the 3rd round, which will be a hit on his signing bonus. For Smith, it will be after the 42nd or 45th pick (not too sure which one). Which leads me to believe teams will wait to grab either one. Myles must’ve known, because he’s not showing up to the draft tonight. Decided to stay in hotel in Chicago area….

  2. don’t want him in the 2nd, perhaps in the 3rd and beyond, but there’s a LB out of Arizona name Scooby Wright III. plays inside LB and outside LB. hybrid type, edge rusher, and i think he’ll fit well in Zim’s defensive scheme…

    • a cousin of mine (also Viking fan), didn’t like the MacKensie pick. said he couldn’t cover. i haven’t seen evidence of that as a whole. he wasn’t too enthused about the Treadwell pick either. he didn’t diss it, but wasn’t too hype about it either. love my cousin, but thinking about leaving him here in New Jersey when i go up to my annual home game in Minnesota (LOL)….

  3. So Vikings trades for the last couple of rounds:

    • Traded their sixth-round No. 186 overall pick to the Dolphins for their sixth-round No. 196 overall pick and their seventh-round No. 227 overall pick.

    • Traded their sixth-round No. 196 overall pick and their seventh-round No. 240 overall pick to the Eagles for their sixth-round No. 188 overall pick (drafted David Morgan).

  4. UDFAs I’m interested in:
    SS Jeremy Cash
    DE Jason Fanika
    DE James Cowser
    P Tom Hackett
    OT Avery Young
    C Jack Allen
    OLB Eric Striker
    ILB Dominique Alexander
    TE Bryce Williams
    OG Landon Turner
    FB Glen Gronkowski
    DT Nile Lawrence-Stample

    A lot of these guys were projected to go in the mid rounds of the draft (4-5). They could all add some good competition and potentially extra depth to positions of need.

    • I don’t understand what “all the experience and shipped titles” means. To me, entry level means that you are green. You have no “on the job” experience for the profession in which you are applying. It generally still requires a degree in the field to “prove” that you know the basic stuff.

        • I hear ya. That was my biggest problem getting started too. I couldn’t find a job on my own that was willing to take someone who wasn’t already in the biz. That’s what will make an agency your best friend. They have connections to jobs like that which never even get advertised to the public.

          Whatever agency you go with, tell them that I recommended them to you and I’ll give you a cut of the finder fee.

    • First round picks have to be a superstar in their first year, or they start getting the bust label. People are just way too impatient and don’t realize that good vets can keep the “potentially better” rookies on the sideline.

      Let’s not forget that Aaron Rodgers must have been a bust, because he didn’t just sit out his rookie year, but he didn’t even have a significant role until 4-years into the league.

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