2016 NFL Mock Draft Round One

The Vikings have a few immediate needs, but will mostly be looking to add some depth and future starters. Will these needs prove to great to put off or will the Vikings target a specific position or person? All will be revealed on Thursday, but for now it is time to mock the mocks and see who may likely be going where in this year’s draft. The first round only has 31 picks as the Patriots lost because of their soft balls. So lets get started boys and girls.

  1. Los Angeles Rams
    Jared Goff, QB, Cal

There is no way the Rams traded up to pick any other position than QB. While there is doubts on who it should be, rumors are circulating that it is Goff. Goff has a ton of potential and paired with the supporting cast of the Rams he could have an impressive rookie year, if they get him a WR.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles
    Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota

Wentz is more pro ready than Goff, but many will ding him over playing a lower level of competition. There will be some growing pains as Carson gets used to the speed of the NFL, but with the NFC East being little more than a joke he could actually reach the playoffs his rookie year.


  1. San Diego Chargers
    Laremy Tunsil, LT, Ole Miss

The Chargers could go a number of ways, either strengthening their secondary by adding CB/S Ramsey, getting a LB like Jack, or in this case adding an actual OT who can protect Rivers’ blindside. If not for QB needy teams Tunsil would have gone number 1.


  1. Dallas Cowboys
    Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

Many want the Cowboys to take HB Zeke Elliot, but the need at DE with all the failed drug tests just keeps increasing. The obvious DE pick would be Bosa, but he has also had off the field things, so the Cowboys should go for the cleaner, more explosive Lawson.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida State

Gus Bradley loves big corners and when one of those big corners is one of the best players in the draft you don’t waste any time running that pick to the podium.


  1. Baltimore Ravens
    Ronnie Stanley, LT, Notre Dame

Stanley makes almost too much sense to be the pick here. Ravens love going BPA and he is one of the best players around, he will also help strengthen an OLine that was held together with shoe strings and bubble gum protect Flacco who is coming off a ACL tear.


  1. San Francisco 49ers
    DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

The 9ers couldn’t trade up for one of the top QBs, but they land a guy that will make one of them regret being in the NFC East. Buckner has some familiarity with HC Chip Kelly, so more than likely he may be used to the way Kelly coaches.


  1. Cleveland Browns
    Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Bosa is a relentless monster and if you are playing the likes of Flacco, Dalton, and Big Ben 6 out of your 16 games you need a guy like that to go QB hunting.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

The Bucs land the 2nd best corner in the draft, with the hopes that he can help mitigate the dangerous offenses of the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers. He will likely be burned on more than a few occasions, but given time Hargreaves could be great.


  1. New York Giants
    Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

There are growing concerns about Jack’s knee, but the Giants may look past that as they need an immediate play maker on defense. Sure Jack likely will not last past his first contract, but he will dominate while he is on the field.


  1. Chicago Bears
    A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

The Bears as said to be in love with Elliot, but they need an anchor for their 3-4 defense. Robinson is a monster who will eat blockers and free up some blitzers, although they will still need to get a rush LB at some point.


  1. New Orleans Saints
    Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama

Ragland is insanely good and the Saints would love to get a great young leader for their defense.


  1. Miami Dolphins
    Ezekiel Elliot, HB, Ohio State

The Dolphins would love for Elliot to fall to them, but that likely will not happen (more likely they trade up with the Cowboys). If they can land Elliot they will have a complete back, obviously a threat in the run game, but a solid pass catcher, and amazing in pass protection. Getting someone like that will only help Tannehill grow.


  1. Oakland Raiders
    Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State

The Raiders may have grab some help for the OLine over the past 2 FA, but they need a long term answer at LT, Conklin will give them that. Pairing him with Osemele and Hudson would solidify Derek Carr’s protection in a way that his older brother never knew was possible.


  1. Tennessee Titans
    Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

The Titans could easily go OLine in hopes of finding a RT, but they can usually be found in the later rounds, so they should find a good young corner. Apple has some technical issues, but Dick LeBeau can help him overcome those.


  1. Detroit Lions
    Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

The Lions may target a WR after Cal John’s retirement, but doing so at this point would just undermine the big time contract given to Marvin Jones. Instead the Lions should go defense as Durant has left and Levy doesn’t have much in the tank. Floyd would be a nice piece next to Whitehead.


  1. Atlanta Falcons
    Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

Why WR? Well Matty Ice is at his best when he has a ton of targets. Tread is the most polished WR this draft, but his lack of elite speed may hurt him from becoming a no. 1. This pick would also allow Julius Jones to not be the only guy as he has been beaten into a bruised mess, yet somehow still being able to dominate.


  1. Indianapolis Colts
    Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State

Your franchise QB can’t do a thing if he is not on the field, Decker will make sure that Luck never has internal injuries again.


  1. Buffalo Bills
    Robert Nkemdiche, DE/DT Mississippi

Rex Ryan is one of the guys everyone says that can get the best out of his defense, so why not pair him with the Nkemdiche the man with all the potential in the world if only he’d use it.


  1. New York Jets
    Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky

The Jets may try to move up, but lack the picks to do so. Therefore they are stuck, so maybe they try and land the guy everyone is comparing to Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Spence likely will not live up to those aspirations, but he could be really good if his head is right.


  1. Washington Redskins
    Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia

The Redskins landed on of the best CBs, in Josh Norman, so they should grab someone to help him make their secondary a fearsome unit. Joseph is a dangerous play maker and his development will only accelerate if paired with a “lockdown” corner like Norman.


  1. Houston Texans
    Will Fuller, WR, Norte Dame

The Texans landed their QB in FA, so they would only help his growth if they find him a good no. 2 WR to go with Hopkins. Fuller will take advantage of the cannon that Osweiler has, although he needs to learn his routes and more importantly how to catch.


  1. Minnesota Vikings
    Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

Doctson is not afraid to fight for the ball when it is in the air and that is what Teddy needs, someone he can trust to snatch the ball away on the not so good throws. Besides his strong hands Doctson is adept at running routes and has better than average speed. Out of all the WR in this draft Doc has the most potential to develop into a no. 1. (Could see the Vikes trading up to insure they get him.)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals
    Corey Colman, WR, Baylor

Colman has speed for days and is pretty good at running routes, his main knock is his lack of size. Since the Bengals lost Jones and Sanu in FA they are hurting for WRs outside of Green, so getting someone like Colman would be the best way to help Dalton as the Bengals try to win their first playoff game in basically forever.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson

The Steelers no longer have Ike Taylor and the rest of their secondary is pretty bare, so adding someone who is as talented as Alexander may bring their defense back to dominance. Alexander may be smaller than your typical no.1 corner, but his technique is impressive (very similar to Jason Verrett).


  1. Seattle Seahawks
    Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State

The Seahawks lost Bruce Irvin, even though he didn’t live up to his potential in Seattle, so finding a replacement may be the way to go. Lee is great in coverage and while he may never overpower blockers, but that is not as much of a problem with the Seahawks DLine freeing him up to kill QBs.


  1. Green Bay Packers
    Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama

B.J. Raji is gone, so finding a replacement could be the way to go. Reed is a dominate run defender and may eat up blockers setting their rush LBs to do what they do.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs
    William Jackson III, CB, Houston

The Chiefs may have landed a stud CB in Marcus Peters during last year’s draft, but they need someone to play opposite of him since Sean Smith left in FA.


  1. Arizona Cardinals
    Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

The Cardz are pretty solid all around, so it is possible they try and find a QB of the Future. Palmer would be a great mentor for Lynch.


  1. Carolina Panthers
    Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

Most would scream that a corner to replace the loss of Norman is a must, but grabbing someone for the sake of taking a guy at that position is moronic and could very well be a waste of a pick. Instead the Panthers will try to improve their OLine by adding a guy who can play all three of the interior positions along it if needed.


  1. Denver Broncos
    Kamalei Correa, DE/OLB, Boise State

The Broncos have everything they need to repeat except a QB, but again adding a person of a position of need without having faith in the guy will only hurt the team. Now the question is why a rush LB, and the answer is simple: as in just in case things don’t work out with Von Miller. Finding an OT to replace the recently traded away Clady is an option as well.

120 comments on “2016 NFL Mock Draft Round One

  1. A lot of questionable choices in this mock, so…Congratulations! You are right on par with EVERY so called expert draft reporter out there!

    I have a tough time believing that Bosa gets passed for not one, but TWO defensive ends before getting picked; Ragland goes in the first half; Zeke misses the top ten; Detroit takes a position OTHER than DT; Karl Joseph gets plucked in round 1; AND the Vikings are lucky enough to land Doctson. A couple of them might be possible, but far too many surprises for me to believe.

    Then again, who am I to judge? I’m sure if I made a mock, it would have just as many questions to it. First and foremost, I have this sneaking suspicion that Philly isn’t planning to take a QB. Why would they mortgage the franchise for anything other than a QB? Well, they just spent a buttload on QBs already in free agency, and one of them may be enough to hold the reigns if the rest of the team can protect him. But they traded the franchise for who then? Maybe Tunsil? Okay, so neither move makes much sense. I sure as hell wouldn’t be betting the farm on any QB in this draft though.

  2. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/04/27/vikings-g-m-teams-are-calling-about-moving-up-to-23/

    Is this legit, or just a smokescreen? I have a hard time believing that teams are already putting any serious thought in to trade for pick #23 before the draft even started. How can they possibly know who’s still going to be available, and whether they will have a legitimate concern that some of the teams between them and the Vikings are going to draft “their boy” before it’s their time to pick?

    Still, if both Treadwell and Doctson are gone, an no other player has slid a lot further than expected (like Floyd did a few years ago) then I’m hoping that Rick is able to get a trade done. Just don’t trade out of the first round, lest my entire day is wasted!

    • I think it’s most likely legit. It doesn’t mean teams are making offers, just trying to get a feel for what Rick would need to move out of 23. Just opening the lines of communication up. Trust in Rick/Zim!!!

  3. Here’s my list of players that we should take in the first round. If none of them are available, then we need to find a team to trade with:

    • Laremy Tunsil
    • Ronnie Stanley
    • Jalen Ramsey
    • Myles Jack
    • Joey Bosa
    • Ezekiel Elliott
    • Darron Lee
    • Deforest Buckner
    • Josh Doctson
    • Laquan Treadwell
    • Reggie Ragland
    • Sheldon Rankins
    • A’Shawn Robinson
  4. I would like to get Jack or Smith (Notre Dame). I’d be surprised, but highly unlikely neither will fall to us in the 2nd, but there’s a LB that generated a little talk earlier this morning. Name is Scooby Wright III (Arizona). Watched highlights of him. ILB, can play OLB and edge rush. Not a huge presence size wise, but can be a pretty good player in Zim’s defense…

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