It’s all Blair Walsh’s fault?

I have now had a couple of days to digest the latest heartbreak in my Vikings fandom.  I see the outrage over the miss by Walsh and people saying that now Gary Anderson can finally breath a sigh of relief.  Someone has to bear the cross for this loss.  It is Blair Walsh who is the one doing this, he picked up the cross by himself and put it on his own shoulder.

Does he have the full responsiblily for this loss?  NO!  Should he take some blame?  YES!  Can we also please look at the whole game to spread some of this blame all around?  I personally am happy with our season.  Before the season no one thought that we would finish 11-5.  People had us finishing somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7.  11-5 is a great season for us!  We finished 5-1 in the conference and were NFCN Champs!  I am proud of our Vikings and excited by the way we are trending upwards with such a young team and many budding stars.

OK on to the blame game.  First off the gjallarhorn broke before the game and we had no backup plan in place.  Ok now that that’s out of the way on to some truths.  How about our offensive line not making any holes for AP to run through or giving Teddy any time to throw?  Speaking of AP, if there is a hole, don’t keep dancing in it and don’t fumble the football!  Andrew Sendejo will NEVER have an easier INT opportunity.  HOLD ON T IT ANDREW.  When Wilson had the ball sail over his head then fell on to the ground, got up, and threw that pass…YUCK.  Our D-line has to take advantage of that opportunity and get the world’s easiest sack.  So, how about on the same play our D-backs cover someone?  Teddy can you please throw the ball in the endzone for a TD this game?  AP  you know that Walsh likes to kick from the right hash mark.  Maybe our long snapper ( I forgot his name) could have snapped the ball a little better for Locke?  Maybe Locke could have, you know, turned the laces a little?  And finally thank you Walsh for scoring the only points we had this game but maybe make the kick next time!

Blame falls all around, not just on the shoulders of one man on one play. So, once again, thank you Vikings for a wonderful season and I am so excited to see what next year brings us.  My hopes are VERY high…SUPERBOWL anyone?

By tampavike

72 comments on “It’s all Blair Walsh’s fault?

  1. On the last post I figured that I speak my last thoughts on the “Wide left” game, move on, and focus on the draft. After reading the narrative of this post, I gotta go back to that minus temperature degree day. TampVike, you are SOOO RIGHT ON with this. I was thinking the same thought a couple hours after the game. Not all Walsh’s fault, but HE GOTTA MAKE THAT KICK. AD’s fumble was a killer also. He saw the contact coming. He gotta wrap up. The O-line, as far as run blocking was close to an all season low. Nowhere for AD to run. Michael Bennett kept beating Khalil and Clemmings with the same under move technique, and it seemed like nobody, the linemen, the O-line coach, nobody seemed to realize it, or just couldn’t do anything about it, which is sad. On the bad snap, no way Russell should have gotten that pass off. Munnerlyn was sent on a blitz that play. I think after the bad snap he took a totally wrong angle at Wilson. He had nowhere to go in the middle, all Munnerlyn had to do was contain the outside, and he goes nowhere and has to take the loss. Even after the busted play, for some reason, Robinson left the WR all by himself in the middle of the field. Mental error. Sendejo has to come up with that pick. Actually I don’t blame AD for the run on 3rd down before the FG attempt. Seattle did their job tackling him an inch or two before the 1st down. One point nobody seemed to notice was the catch and run by Rudolf. He doesn’t shoulder no blame at all in this, but in hindsight, of course, it would have been good if he stays in bounds to make Seattle chew up their timeouts a little quicker.

  2. Here are the teams AP rushed for 100+ yards against: Detroit, San Diego, Detroit again (98 is close enough), Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland, Atlanta, and Giants.

    Here are the teams that held him in check or shut him down: Niners, Denver, Chiefs, Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona, Chicago, Green Bay again, and Seattle again.

    This speaks volumes. He was rather ineffective against playoff calibre teams and defenses that had a chip on their shoulders. Perhaps going forward with him Turner might want to consider de-emphasizing Peterson when they play a better team?

  3. Deflect blame if you must, but the VAST majority of it lies on Walsh. Obviously, we had other problems throughout the game, and things would have been much different had everybody else played perfectly.

    BUT, the team intentionally made only a meager attempt to get into the endzone on that final drive. They wanted to take the lead with as little time left on the clock for a comeback as possible. So they called the most obvious play, 3 times in a row, forcing Seattle to use all their timeouts and sending the clock down to about half a minute.

    Then, they did the unthinkable! They asked an NFL Kicker to try to score the easiest kick of his life! But…he missed it. That’s about as forgivable and embarrassing as picking up a fumble and running into the wrong endzone for a safety…

  4. So, Zimmer thinks that changing the OL coach is at least part of the solution for the OL’s woes. Since I think Zim knows what he’s doing, this is a good thing. He knows Sparano from a previous gig (see article). I am sure he wouldn’t have hired him if he didn’t think he could do the job.

    • Very likely just the beginning of an OLine revamp.

      I’m extremely hesitant to put a lot of faith in Sully coming back at 100%, and if he does come back, staying in the game for long. Back injuries………last.

      Loadholt is more likely to return, but people are forgetting too quickly how many holding penalties he killed drives with. “Loadsofholds” was the nickname most often used……”Turnstile” also came up. He’ll have many layers of rust for a big/slow man to knock off.

      Likely won’t make a splash again in FA, but rounds 2-4 in the draft will be interesting.

  5. While the playoff loss hurt, it could not prepare me for reading the first chapter of a text book called Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice. It is some of the most long winded, dry (soulless) writing man has ever known, all just to define and redefine again and again the same intercoursing term.

    It… it stole my smile.

  6. Just watched Zimmer’s final press conference of the season. He was very candid the entire time, including when talking about his admiration for press conferences, where he said that he “respects” all of the press’ questions, and that he’s very happy that this is the final press conference he has to participate in for many months.

    One thing that concerned me was what Zimmer said about Mike Wallace. While noting the disappointment in Wallace’s overall output, he made it clear that he really likes a lot about Wallace, including his personality and his work ethic. It really sounds like Zimmer wants Wallace back, and I can only hope that he doesn’t fight very hard to keep him around, because whatever the WR does off the field is nowhere near enough to justify a paycheck upwards of $11M against the salary cap.

    This team needs some big improvements on offense. That need starts with the linemen but moves very quickly to the receivers. We need guys who can get open frequently, and who will fight for and win contested balls. We can’t afford to sacrifice so much of the salary cap on guys who are good OFF the field.

    • I saw this presser and was also surprised by his comments regarding Wallace. Zim must see something we don’t. Call it faith or confidence or whatever, but I will go with Zim’s assessment (not that we have a choice) and see what happens. I think he has made it clear that he will make changes for what he thinks is the good of the team.

  7. If there is one team I would like to see win it all, it is Arizona. They deserve it, but I am doubtful anyone can go into Carolina and win– especially after watching Arizona struggle last night. It was nice to see Green Bay have an ending somewhat like what we experienced– they kept a foe who whooped them in check, and then fought to tie in the last seconds, only to have a fluke play in OT take it all away from them. HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  8. Cam Newton’s gonna get fined. He just walked off the field after having to call a timeout and screamed “I can’t keep my fucking cool wh…” before the FOX sound crew made his rant inaudible. FOX should be responsible for it (players swear ALL the time and they have a small delay from real time in the broadcast to account for these sorts of things), but I’ll bet that Cam is the one who is going to pay for it.

  9. I wish we had a receiver corps like Seattle’s. Diggs has a similar vibe as their rookie receiver, but we have nothing to compare to Kearse or Wilson. Kearse, who can routinely get open deep, has a huge catch radius and catch everything that he touches. Wilson, who is as reliable a bailout option as anyone in the NFL.

    Teddy would be a pro bowler if he had guys like those to throw at.

    • Don’t jump too quick. From my sources, he currently projects as a late 3rd to early 4th rounder. If he’s that awesome, maybe we CAN get him in the 3rd, and get our SS and WR in the first two rounds.

      I don’t know if I want to grab a WR that early though. It looks like there’s a lot of talent to be had in the 4th round there, but I just don’t know who we should target in the first. It looks unlikely that there will be first round value remaining by the time we pick. I get the impression that this draft has the most value in rounds 2-4. Maybe we can trade back and accumulate a few more picks in these mid rounds?

      • Even though he won the Outland Trophy this year as the best interior lineman, he’s still projected as a 3rd or 4th rounder ?? I thought that award had some relevance to make him a higher draft pick. I still would take a chance on him…

        • I’m not sure what they use to rank him, but CBS’ site has him ranked as the 79th best player in this year’s draft, and when I play the draft game on, they have him ranked as a day 2 prospect, giving me a C grade if I draft him in the first round, a B in the second, and an A+ IF I can get a hold of him with our pick in the 3rd round.

          So I guess he’s really ranked as a mid-3rd rounder. Based on that, I wouldn’t be upset if we took him with our 2nd round pick.

          • Speaking of First-Pick, how’s this look for our draft?

            Your score is: 8086 (GRADE: A)

            Your Picks:

              Round 1 Pick 23: Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State (A)
              Round 2 Pick 23: Vonn Bell, SS, Ohio State (A)
              Round 3 Pick 23: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford (A+)
              Round 4 Pick 23: De’Runnya Wilson, WR, Mississippi State (A+)
              Round 5 Pick 23 (PHI): Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin (A+)
              Round 6 Pick 19 (OAK): Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State (A+)
              Round 6 Pick 22 (T.B.): Jamal Golden, FS, Georgia Tech (F)
              Round 6 Pick 26 (DET): Aaron Green, RB, TCU (A+)
              Round 6 Pick 31 (ARI): Luke Rhodes, ILB, William & Mary (B-)
              Round 7 Pick 23: Kevon Seymour, CB, Southern California (A+)
              Round 7 Pick 31 (PHI): Brandon Doughty, QB, Western Kentucky (A+)

    7 players “they” say we should move on without:

    Mike Wallace – disagree – teach Teddy to throw an accurate long ball, and Wallace will be a productive member

    Chad Greenway – disagree – anyone hear of the word LOYALTY? They guy’s given his heart to the team, and has been productive – keep him for depth and let him retire in Purple

    Terence Newman – disagree – he provides stability and leadership needed for a secondary that is highly likely to experience some turnover

    Brian Robison – neutral, but leaning toward agree – has occasional flashes of greatness, but overall hasn’t impressed – could provide needed depth

    Matt Asiata – agree – McKinnon could be the future feature back on the team, and we have Line and Ellison (when he returns) for blocking

    Robert Blanton – agree – did they even play him this year?

    Audie Cole – agree – we need someone who can do more than just cover kickoffs

    • Mike Wallace is a definite YES! He is worthless. We need receivers who will fight for the ball, and he is anything but. I saw way too many times this year where he had a chance to catch a difficult throw, but he didn’t even try. FAR from worth $11m.

      Robison is kind of pricey, but worth keeping around for one more year. Just make sure the young guys rotate with him frequently.

      Cole is the other one who I disagree with you on. He at least provides some respectable depth at a position where we are otherwise very thin. Beyond Barr, Kendricks and Greenway, who is there? Cole’s the best option. We’ve seen a handful of injuries at the position this year, so the depth that Cole provides is very valuable.

  11. New WR signed by Vikings. Terrell Sinkfield. 6′ – 0″ 200 lbs.
    Played for Hamilton Tiger-Cats of CFL in 2015.
    2015: Posted career highs in games played/starts (15), receptions (69), receiving yards (1,030), receiving touchdowns (6), rushing yards (132) and all purpose yards (1,399) … Eclipsed 100 receiving yards in a game three times, including Aug. 21 at EDM (6-118), Sep. 7 vs. TOR (5-110) and Oct. 9 vs. SSK (4-163) … Notched a career-high eight receptions twice, including Oct. 18 at MTL (8-90) and Nov. 1 vs. OTT (8-55) … Was named a Shaw CFL Top Performer of the Week twice: Week 9 at EDM (6-118-2) and Week 11 vs. TOR (5-110-2) … Played in the East Semi-Final vs. TOR and had one reception for nine yards before leaving the game due to injury.
    Probably another camp body but you never know.

    • Yea, just a camp body. Playing in the CFL is like playing in college after all of the NFL quality players (which includes everyone from the rookie all-stars down to the guys who won’t see any action outside of the practice squad) have been removed.

  12. Anyone know of a reputable body shop? My VW was struck yesterday by a kid who obviously had no clue — he angled and shot over from two lanes over with no turn signal and I nearly avoided it, but he scraped the front right part of my car. His lane changing was so fast and severe you would think I was being carjacked. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage seems mostly cosmetic.

    • I have only ever dealt with a body shop twice. The first time, a girl was turning left, I was coming from the other direction and she claimed she thought the road was clear behind the van in the left lane in front of me. She gunned it across the road and plowed my Firebird onto the sidewalk. The other time, my Prius was vandalized in a friend’s parking lot.

      I definitely would not recommend the body shop from the first one. It was a little family shop a few blocks from my apartment in Hopkins. I think it was there a couple months while he was waiting for parts and he never made me comfortable with his explanations for why it was taking so long. The second time was a whole lot quicker. Took it to a brand name shop in Maple Grove. I really don’t recall what either place was called though, so I guess I’d just suggest looking for a reputable brand name shop.

      My understanding is that you’re not going to pay any different either way, as there’s some rule book that they are all required to use when charging you for parts and labor. They are not allowed to charge for how long it took them. They must charge for how long it is SUPPOSED to take them to perform the job. At least with the brand name shop, you’re more likely to have quality work done in a more timely fashion, and a corporate entity that will guarantee the work. But it wouldn’t hurt to look at some online reviews of the shop if you’re the paranoid type.

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