No Chance

Sooooo……..Every major site and most “experts” give our beloved Vikings no chance at winning this Sunday’s rematch with the Seahawks.  It seems like have fought that battle all year long.  Can’t win in prime time, can’t beat a team with a winning record, No way can the Vikings take the division title.  We have proven every one of those statements wrong!


I know that we were recently blown out by the team from the west but we are a different and better team now.  All I have to say is


By tampavike

68 comments on “No Chance

  1. I’m SOOOOOO glad that this game is in Minnesota. I have a very hard time keeping down my rum and coke looking at Seattle’s home uniforms, whose color can best be described as ‘Flushed Radiator Coolant’ green.

  2. this O-line is having a very hard time blocking on running plays. seems like Seattle’s D-lone is doing the same technique getting penetration, and the staff and O-line still ain’t get it…

  3. I will be 60 in just over a year from now.
    I have watched this team lose in every conceivable way.
    I don’t care if our kicker is 9 -of-10 (or whatever) from over 50 yds (or whatever)
    I could have made tthat FG.

    WE ARE ON THE RISE !!!!……Give me a SB bedore I die ?????

    • That’s what we were arguing about the entire time. If Walsh needs an excuse, then that says even more against him. He’s an NFL field goal kicker. He should have been able to kick a lopsided block of limestone through with ease at that distance.

    • I’m ready to move on from Peterson. He’s good, but he’s holding the young guys back. He doesn’t seem to give us a better shot to win with him in there than we have with McKinnon. Is Dallas ready to pay up for the rushing champ?

      • Its not that I think he’s holding back McKinnon, he’s still the best back in the game (the numbers prove it). Its just those fumbles at the most crucial times in the big games. Or the near fumbles that make your heart stop at that moment. Its starting to seem like having him is the ultimate gift and curse. He wows you with his runs and games he can have, but there’s that downside that keeps rearing its head (fumbles)…

          • he isn’t the same as he was a couple years ago, but still a major threat in my opinion. so when does this O-line share some responsibility for AD having to run against 8-9 man fronts, and Khalil, Fusco, or Clemmings losing their man on man battles ?? Michael Bennett is damn good, but he looked like a man among boys the way he treated Khalil and Clemmings. he kept beating those guys with the same under move technique getting penetration, sometimes before the handoff even took place. Berger and Harris played decent yesterday. those other 3 stunk. i’m blaming AD just as much for the loss, because of his fumble. he’s one of a couple of factors in that 4th quarter that spelled doom…

  4. I’m still sick to my stomach. Which one of you said, several months ago, that Walsh would lose us a big game? He needs to go. He’s a head case, and I don’t care how goddamn good he is from 50, he needs to go. He shit his pants on the biggest kick of his career. A CHIP SHOT.

    OVER him. DONE. Next kicker step up.

  5. Time to show Walsh and Wallace the door. Get somebody to trade for Peterson, and start getting our offense back on track. Better protection for Teddy first, then better targets that he can depend on when he needs big plays.

  6. What a season it’s crazy to think I was there for all of it. Walsh shit the bed that’s what it came down to. Laces don’t cause you to shank it like that. As a guy who kicked you can see from his body position the ball was alwYs going to go left unless he was trying to slice it off the outside of his foot. Offense put us in position to win, can’t blame Teddy thought he played great.

    Looking towards offseason there’s a ton of good free agents on the market this year that could help fill big holes for us. Would it be too much to sign LT Joe Thomas and S Eric Weddle in free agency?

    • i agree on the Walsh point. laces didn’t mean shit when he knocked down 3 FGs before that, in the same fashion with the ”laces” facing him. with that being said on my behalf i’m done with this season. actually turned out better than i expected. as far as Joe Thomas, he’s been around for a long while, but i would take a shot at him, assuming he won’t break the bank, til we can find a LT whose ready to take over and not miss a beat in his spot. for the next year or two, not longer than that. i like Weddle, but he’s a FS, like Harrison. sounds good, but i don’t think we’re gonna spend for him. i could see Zim staying with what we have, (Sendejo, Exum, Blanton, Harris), and having them compete for next season’s SS spot. in my opinion, i would like to see Newman at SS, assuming Waynes finally gets it right at CB opposite Rhodes…

  7. Although the ending was a brutal disappointment, I am very encouraged by this season’s overall result. I thought we would only go 8-8 but we greatly exceeded that. I believe our defense improved tremendously and should be only tweaked over the off-season – maybe at safety and linebacker. The emphasis has to be on the offense after two off-seasons that emphasized the defense. We have to be able to protect Teddy and we have to be able to make the other team back off from the line of scrimmage. To do that we need to improve the O-line and we need someone like Alshon Jeffery, who can get open no matter what and can draw defenders away from the line of scrimmage.
    We lost because of a number of mistakes, including AD’s fumble, missed tackle on Wilson on that poor snap, missed coverage on Lockett and poor play on their touchdown. Also very conservative play calling on offense – why did it take until the final drive to target Rudolph?
    All those other mistakes could have been erased by Walsh. That is his job. We should consider drafting the best kicker available and give him some competition.
    We now have a head coach to be proud of.
    I am convinced we have our franchise QB.
    I think we have a very solid management structure.
    The rest of the league should start worrying now.

    • Very good points Cariboo. We’re on the up.

      One last point about Walsh before I begin to put it behind me – all those other mistakes during the game – not ONE of them was committed with the knowledge that the ENTIRE GAME was riding on that one play. Every other play of the game was carried out with the knowledge that if something went wrong, there would be an opportunity to make it right.

      Walsh had the chance to right every wrong of the game. He walked onto the field with the knowledge that the outcome of the game resided squarely on his shoulders, that this was the very last chance of winning the game. One kick for success or failure. Do or die.

      This was a moment that proves you are the man for the job. All those other kicks during the season meant nothing in this moment. The past is past.

      He failed. He is not the man for the job. This miss will anchor itself in his head and compound his failures in the future, again, at a time when we need him most.

  8. As much as we can think about all the events that “could have” and “should have,” I came to the conclusion that this loss was entirely Walsh’s fault. Everyone did their job– our defense did a fantastic job, our special teams was good, and our offense, while not great, did a decent job. And they got us at a perfect chip shot location with time expiring. Everyone did their job!!!! Or if they had a mistake, we overcame it. Problem was, of course, we ran out of time. I do know this– we could have beat the Cardinals. UGH! OH THE PAIN. Oh the woe. And Nova, no, your video did not console me. I am crying on the inside. I wonder if Walsh will be here next season?

    • Offense did just enough. Leading through most of the game, and they delivered Walsh to the doorstep of the goal line for a gimme that 99.99% of kickers will make.

      And yes, we would have beaten AZ, and the momentum that would have given us would have given us a very good chance at Carolina.

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