Weasel Stomping Day!

Happy New Year Vikings fans! This season, the Vikings’ first game of the new year also gets the recognition of being declared Weasel Stomping Day for the season.

What is Weasel Stomping Day you ask? I don’t blame you if you don’t remember. This is only the third year of its implementation on VFB, and I think I might have forgot to announce it last year. WSD marks the game in which the opponent deserves to be crushed senseless due to recent weasel-like actions that they took against the team.

What better game for this year’s holiday than the one against the weasels of the Packers organization? They started the first game of the season by getting refs to penalize our guys for breathing. It was a big enough statement that our guys had checked out by half time. Those weasels also paid the refs off in the game against Detroit, ensuring that a bogus facemask penalty got called as time expired, giving them another shot at winning the game. Had that not worked, the refs still had plenty of flags in their pockets to keep the game going until a play did work.

These weasels have also been atop the division for far too long. Their weaselly fans have gotten so arrogant, that they need to have their spines stomped out of them repeatedly for many, many years until they finally recede back into the annals of their local KMart, peering out on rare occasions with putrid hopes that they have been able to put something close to what resembles an NFL team back together.

So let’s all put our Vikings helmets on and go cheer for our team to decimate the Weasels in Wisconsin, taking our rightful place atop the division back for this year, and preparing to rule it far into the future!

80 comments on “Weasel Stomping Day!

  1. Ok, everyone SING ALONG !!!!!!

    Rudolph, the red-zone Viking,
    Made his way to lambeau field,
    Whereby, to everyone’s liking,
    Made the cheesehead’s defense yield.

    (Chorus) Then the ‘experts’ had to say,
    Though it hurt them so,
    green bay may have had it’s day,
    But now they really blow.

    When they beat those cheesehead codgers,
    And had truly sallied forth,
    Made that double-douche-bag rodgers,
    Concede to us the N.F.C. North !

    ….(Repeat chorus for the next 25 years)

  2. What a GREAT DAY to be a Vikings fan!! It’s been a while since I have had this kind of feeling for my team. I think we are peaking at just the right time and will come out of this game the undisputed champions of the NFCN!!!!

    Vikings – 34

    Fudge Packers – 17

  3. Whipped up a batch of Purple Punch for the game tonight. 4 gallons of deliciousness!!

    Much better than Purple Koolaid. This is the REAL deal.

    Vikes are going to win convincingly again. 38-20

  4. I don’t see definitive evidence on that “throw” one way or the other. This is a play that should always stand as it was called on the field. So IF it was called incomplete, that should stand, but because the call on the field was a fumble, that’s what it ought to be.

    (I think it was loose before the hand started to move forward, so I really do think it is incomplete, but would not be very upset if it had turned out the other way on the field).

  5. Looks like Cariboo muscled out the competition and added one more mark to notch the prediction point victory for the season:

    Actual Score: Vikings-20 Peckers-13

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….Monday morning in Wisconsin……strangely silent here at work…….folks seem to be in some sort of a funk, walking around with their heads down, eyes reddened for some reason………one of them even commented he couldn’t finish his usual 6-pack of brats for breakfast today.

    I love it!!!! Vikings completed the divisional trifecta of beating GB at Lameblow, and became divisional champs at the same time. I can’t wait to hear the first Packer fan try and tell me how GB planned to lose – only means they’re afraid of us.

  7. 2016 opponents:

    Home: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals

    Away: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers

    I see many winnable games (if we played these teams this season) – Bears, Lions, Cowboys, Giants, Texans, Colts, Eagles, Titans, and Jags. Throw in a split with GB and we’re already at 10 wins. Sweep Lions and Bears again, that’s 12.

    Now, we get rolling and the Redskins and Cardinals can be beat – that’s 14.

    Dare me to make the prediction of a 14-2 season.

  8. Rhett Ellison lost to a patellar tendon tear – surgery and 6 months recovery. He was a strong member of the team without much recognition.

    Dominique Williams is available on the PS, has he had enough time learning plays to contribute?

    We must have jettisoned SOMEONE else who could step in???

  9. So, am I right in thinking we could have 2 more games at TCF? Let’s say we win at home this weekend – we would play @ AZ next, and win that game. The winner of Packers vs Washington goes on to beat Carolina, effectively knocking out all seeds above us. We would host the NFC championship game, yes??????

    • Roger: I am 67 years old. You are, I believe, still in school. I should have learned things over the years from my failures and successes. You will, too.
      People sometimes confuse intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.
      Intelligence is something you are born with and develop by learning how to use it – to think on your own. You obviously have the right stuff in this regard.
      Knowledge is the basic accumulation of data about things, processes, people, and experiences. Keep accumulating – you probably couldn’t stop doing so, even if you wanted to. Knowledge also encompasses understanding how things work, not just that they do. Try to look behind the facts and see if you can detect causal relationships, but don’t go overboard – not everything can be analysed.
      Wisdom is all of the above assimilated into a whole life view. It develops with experience and understanding but is not necessarily dependent upon age. I think you can develop wisdom incrementally – one step at a time about one thing at a time.
      I try to think about experiences, situations, relationships during a quiet time, but I also let my subconscious work on things, if I can’t make any headway quickly. It’s like trying to remember something that is right on the tip of your tongue and you leave it for a while, then all of a sudden, it’s right there.
      Frankly, it bothers me that you made this comment. You have made similar ones before. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!!!! Do not put yourself down like this – please!

      • The best definition of wisdom I know comes from the scriptures– in the original language, wisdom literally means the life of knowledge. In other words, a wise person learns, adapts, and applies what he or she learns– gives concepts and theory a physical form. I am still working on it– and I am quite a bit older than Roger, although Cariboo is the clear winner this year.

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