Final Home Game at TCF

This is it.  The regular season in TCF is coming to a close.  The Vikings will be transferring banks after tonight’s game.  And tonight’s game just may prove to be meaningless.

Should the Packers lose to the Cardinals this afternoon – which is very possible as the Cards are the better team – then it will not matter who wins in the Giants-Vikings game.   With either result, the division would be decided in Green Bay next Sunday.

It almost makes you want to root for the Packers, doesn’t it?  Just so you know that this game will mean enough to the Vikings for them to give it their all.  ALMOST.

It’s not quite that bleak though.  The Giants are out of the playoff race for the fourth consecutive year.  Rumors are beginning that Tom Coughlin’s going to be out of a job before the next season begins.  Plus the Giants are coming off a big media circus due to their young wide receiver losing his composure last week against the Panthers, and getting himself suspended for tonight’s game.

The Vikings meanwhile are likely to return all three of their defensive stars who have been dealing with injuries over the past few weeks, but are all listed as probable.  Assuming, of course, that rumors of Zimmer deciding to rest them one more week if the game holds no meaning are just rumors that have been created by the media.

Whichever way it goes, rest assured that I am going to be sitting there tonight, right at the 50-yard line screaming my frozen ass off and supporting the team in what very likely may be the last last outdoors Vikings home game of my lifetime.


64 comments on “Final Home Game at TCF

  1. Vikings found the recipe last week, and we’re playing a crappy defense. Giants’ biggest offensive offensive (yes, I meant to type it twice) weapon gets to sit in time-out and think about what he’s done.

    Vikings shock the world by scoring on nearly every possession.

    Purple wins, 42-20

  2. Have you noticed that the teams that GB struggled against are teams we either beat, or nearly beat? On paper, we will torch them next week. On the field, we just have to play our game and we will torch them.

  3. We HAVE TO WIN TONIGHT, otherwise go into next week having to win for a playoff berth. A win tonight and we play loose next week, no pressure.

    P.S……Nice to see the SeaChickens lose in front of their biggest crowd EVER

    I guess they had a few too many ’12th man’

    • Never thought Carolina and Seahawks would lose tonight, but now when we secure a playoff spot, we can say nothing was handed to us…..because you know darn well those foam cheese wearing buffoons will say that.

  4. They keep informing us constantly that Terry Bradshaw isn’t on the panel, because he’s recovering from surgery.

    I guess that MRI he had revealed that small piece of brain that’s lodged in his skull.

  5. finally got a chance to get in and check out the game. getting updates through my phone, but would rather be watching live. nevertheless, good win heading into Weak Bay. Just can’t get too wrapped up in beating a team that’s like the walking dead. gotta show and prove for real starting next Sunday…

  6. The Vikings @ Packers has been moved to SNF.
    If the Vikings win next Sunday they claim the North and will face Seattle to kick off the playoffs.
    If the Vikings lose they will be they top wildcard team and will march into Washington.

    Which game would be a more likely win?

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