A Hunting We Will Go……


We’re 24 hours away from re-opening the season on Bears.  Cutler & Co. are coming in to town with their eyes on spoiling Minnesota’s hopes of a Division title, while bolstering what little credibility they have going for themselves this season, having made a decent showing over the past 5 weeks after a dismal start.

The Vikings hold their fate in their own hands – winning out will give them their first division title since 2009.  Minnesota is nearly a lock for the playoffs via Wild Card, however I have a hard time believing that the title isn’t on the mind of every player on the team.  It all starts with the next game, however, which features a team we’ve already beaten on their own turf.

The Bears team we face tomorrow is significantly improved, and will prove to be a challenge as all divisional games are.  Minnesota’s tough defense will again be without major players, with Barr, Smith, and Crichton declared out, Joseph and Griffen could be game-time decisions.  The Vikings do get Blanton, Watts and Sendejo back, someone just needs to remind him to hurt the people in black/white, not purple/white.

Perhaps more hopeful for the team was the effort put forth by fill-ins Ant Harris and Shaun Prater last Thursday at Arizona, helping the Vikings to hold a high-scoring Cardinal offense to only 23 points.

With the Viking defense still on the mend, fans are hoping to see more success by our young QB.  The game plan was tweaked to take more advantage of Bridgewater’s strengths last week, and Teddy had his best game, albeit a loss.  RB Adrian Peterson has had good success running against the Bears in the past, and as always will be relied upon to wear them down and put up points.  He should have rested legs after a mini-bye.

This season, home-field advantage has not proved to be all that advantageous, and tomorrow holds no guarantees.  The Vikings’ defense will need to contain a 1-2 punch running out of the backfield, shut down the always-dangerous Alshonn Jefferey, and put some hits on Cutler.  The offense will have to continue dialing up plays that get the ball out quickly, occasionally stretching the field.  Peterson will need to rip through the line and punish the Bears’ defense.

The NFC North title is within our grasp, but it all starts with one game.  I like our chances, and besides, it’s December – time to put the bears to bed. SKOL VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!


By northwoodsv2

89 comments on “A Hunting We Will Go……

  1. Just using recent performance from the past 6-8 weeks, Chicago should embarrass us at TCF. But I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this team returns to playing ball like they showed they can earlier in the season. I’ll take the Vikings 20-17.

  2. Harrison & Anthony out again for the game. Linval is probable. These backups still got more work to do. Hopefully they got a better grasp and understanding of Zim’s defensive scheme….

  3. Before the season started, my son and I do a win-loss prediction. I said that if we split with the Pukers, we will go 11-5. If not, we will be 10-6. So far I have been wrong for two games, the SF game and the first against the Packers. For today I have us down for a win. Vikes- 23
    Bears- 17

  4. Vikings have a tough one today. The big IF is whether our dinged defense can make a good showing 2 weeks in a row. Hopefully Rhodes has spent some time with the WRs, or someone dug up a can of Stickum for him. Dropping 3 INTs in a game is not acceptable. The line needs to duplicate what they did in the first game – beat the snot out of Cutler. Get him off-balance and afraid.

    Minnesota’s offense has been holding their cards close to their chest all season. Time to show them what we got. TB -> Wallace deep. It will happen.

    Vikes get the first of their 3 needed wins today. 28-24

    • Yup, Titus gets his first prediction right.

      Actual Score: Vikings-38 Bears-17

      He almost got his other prediction right too (a guarantee at that). The Giants were almost able to finish a miraculous 35-7 come-from-behind upset over the undefeated Panthers, and then they forgot that they had 2 timeouts left in their pocket.

  5. Great game!! I tried downloading a live stream, infected my laptop. Went to my brother-in-law’s place because he has Verizon and can stream any game….turns out he can’t mirror it to a TV though. Ended up back at the bar where I play volleyball. Loved the looks on all the faces showing up for the Packer game. Too bad the Raiders couldn’t pull it out.

  6. Sounds like OBJ will get a 1-game suspension for spearing. Wonder if it will be enforced next Sunday?

    • I doubt we’ll be so lucky. The appeals process is very quick to begin, but takes a long time to find a conclusion. Isn’t the Deflategate thing still in appeals? Brady just might retire before a resolution is found to that.

      All the better though. We can beat the Giants on Sunday night the old-fashioned way; by playing the game! With Rhodes’ physical style of play, he might do enough to convince OBJ to get himself ejected before the game ends. It should be a fun match-up to watch.

      • They do tend to drag things out, but there were dozens of cameras rolling for this incident. A mountain of evidence against him. I’m pretty sure the suspension will be upheld, and Norman will be assessed a fine as well.

  7. “NFL officials will meet on Monday to discuss what Beckham did in the Giants’ 38-35 loss to the Panthers, according to two NFL sources, and they expect to make a decision quickly — definitely before the Giants return to practice on Wednesday morning, but most likely by Monday afternoon. A suspension is definitely under consideration, one source said, while ESPN reported it was “likely.”

    If it happens, Beckham would miss the Giants’ must-win game in Minnesota next Sunday night, unless he gets it overturned on appeal. A suspension would cost him $52,529.94 — 1/17th of the $893,09 salary he’s due in 2015.”

  8. DANG– I really question the whole claim that FF is a game of skill. There is way too much chance involved. In my other league I was 10-2 going into the playoffs and somehow this team called LadySteelers beat me 137-111. And I even had David Johnson from ARZ who gained over 40 points as a RB. Then I had a couple of duds, including DeMarco Murray. I had benched DeSean Jackson because he was probable and I knew I could not afford a mediocre showing from anyone– but he had 21 points!

  9. Titus, Les Baroos made a great improvement over last season, but the gravy train derails this week. Those fuddies at NFL must be using a scrapped version of the TitusPredictaMeter, because I’m repeating as Consolation Champion!!!!

  10. I remember ya’ll giving me a hard time about taking Marcus Peters in the 1st round! Somebody even said he looks like a 5th round pick when I posted his highlight film.

    Do you guys still feel the same. Looks like he made the pro bowl his rookie season. Not saying that means much, being that Linval Joseph, Harrison Smith, and Anthony Barr didn’t get in. But it’s kinda worth something lol!

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