Two very similar teams go head-to-head this Sunday as the Seahawks visit Minnesota to take on the Vikings in a key NFC matchup.

Of course from this point forward, every game is a key game…just more so now since the Lions somehow lost to the Packers on Thursday. Seattle is coming in with a lot of confidence, stringing some wins together including last week’s barn-burner victory over the Steelers.

But the Vikings have played good football too, losing only once (to our hated rivals) in the last seven games.The Vikings have a chance to silence the critics and put a stamp on the season with a “signature win”-in prime time.

Yes, these two teams are built very similar in many ways…a solid defense, a strong running attack, and an opportunistic passing game. The only real difference is with the QB’s. Wilson is more of a read-option quarterback, whereas Bridgewater is more of a pocket passer who can run if the opportunity presents itself.

All-in-all, this should be a great game, and it’s a great time for the Vikings to exact some revenge on the Seahawks!




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124 comments on “SEAHAWKS vs VIKINGS

  1. It should be a very close scoring game. But if we base it off of the more recent games, the ineptitude of the Vikings’ offense is going to decide this game. Hopefully Norv decides to mix some things up, but currently it looks like he is going to lose the game, 13-21.

  2. We’re going to get flagged anyways, so let’s pull out all the stops and start injuring the opposition while getting those flags. That opposition includes everyone who is working on defeating the Vikings today, so the refs better hope they have good insurance.

    • i think he’s in a bad position. if he stays inside, Russel goes outside. if he rushes wide, he runs inside. you would hope for the inside push so his wide rush would be effective.i think we should just spy him and take our chances from there…

  3. I really don’t like what I’ve been seeing from Teddy in between plays. His face is telling a gruesome story. He doesn’t believe in this offensive scheme, isn’t willing to try to make his teammates believe in the scheme, and is just wondering how long it will be before the scheme delivers him a career ending injury.

  4. Completely disagree with the Norv hate. Even the rare times that Teddy has time to step up in the pocket, he has nowhere to throw to. Receivers aren’t getting open, he doesn’t have time to even get to his second read. Playing against Seattle and the refs without our entire defense. No chance.

    • How can you tell he has nowhere to throw to? The camera isn’t showing the receivers. And, how can you tell that it’s the receivers’ fault that they can’t get open? The scheme does not appear to be built to their strengths.

      Every time I take a look at the routes at the start of the play, I can identify players who will be open in short throws before they go off the screen. Norv’s routes never have them do anything but run past those open areas on the short field, so Teddy is never given a chance to attack the areas of the field that the defense doesn’t cover.

  5. See the difference in throwing styles between Wilson and Bridgewater? Teddy has a limp-wristed flicking motion that sails high and takes forever to get there. Did you see the velocity of Wilson’s TD throw?

    That’s the type of arm we need.

    • I don’t disagree with you, but it doesn’t mean we need a new QB. We just need to coach the QB better. Teach him to put more zip on the ball and get him into the weight room to focus on building the muscles that will help to make that happen.

  6. the Rams play against Wilson better than any team in the NFL. all they do is bring down their safeties to eliminate him from getting to the outside and pressure the WRs. why other teams don’t do that (including us) is beyond me…

  7. if this is such a copy cat league, why didn’t Zimmer follow suit and copy the Rams for this game against Wilson. his scheme is just not working this game, along with the failed tackles. it’s about adjustments. usually i down Belichek, but one thing he does well is adjust each week for games. every player knows his role might change from week to week…

  8. Sorry guys, but I think I got the win this week.

    Actual Score: Vikings-7 Seahawks-38

  9. Done with Teddy. look at every other young QB around the league they are putting up points with their arm how can he go 5 games without even throwing a TD? Overthrows everything has no zip and is too afraid to take a chance. Useless. I mean for fucks sake Ponder could at least throw tds and that guy was an absolute garbage piece of shit. There’s a reason all 31 teams passed on Teddy.

  10. Derek Carr with offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave who we ran out of town has 11 Tds this season of over 25 yards. Teddy has just 8 total. If we can’t run the football we’re dead.

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