Vikings vs Falcons

Every time I see this matchup, I have to cringe knowing that one of our best-ever teams were bested by the notorious “Dirty Birds.” I can only remember Jamal Anderson having one decent year as a running back-it just happened to be the same year the Vikings were rampaging their way to a Superbowl berth, 1998…until the Falcons squashed that dream.

I remember thinking, all we had to do was put one good hit on their Quarterback and victory would be ours. I had dubbed the Falcons’ QB  Chris “Chandelier” Chandler, because he was as fragile as glass-was always on the injured list, and yet, that “Chandelier” remained unbroken-as he and the rest of his team danced their F@*#ing “Dirty Bird” dance in our (Metrodome) end zone on their way to the Superbowl.

I guess the only consolation to this was the fact that the Broncos with John Elway at the helm went on to destroy the Falcons in Superbowl XXXIII.

But that was then and this is now. We have a new identity-one that is driven by a punishing defense and a run-first offense-a throwback team if you will-very strong on fundamentals.

Atlanta is #1 in stopping the run so far this year, and we have the best running back in the league…that will be an interesting matchup. I hope our offensive line is up to the task…

One would think this should be a game to try and stretch the field through the air a bit, but we still seem hell-bent on giving AP the ball on early downs no matter the circumstances…we’ll see.

All in all, the Vikings are the better team…we have better overall talent at many of the key positions on offense, defense, and special teams. We also have a relentless coach to keep the team heading due-north^^^onward, and upward.

This is a perfect time to clip the wings of the Falcons, trample them under foot and leave them on the field as road kill for the maintenance crew to dispose of after their demise…ya, I’m ready for the game!






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115 comments on “Vikings vs Falcons

  1. The Vikings D will have to find a way to limit Julio Jones seeing as without Freeman he is the Falcons only devastating weapon. If the D can do this the Vikings should win with ease, but it’s likely going to be a close one Vikings win 26 – 19.

    Can Teddy and Diggs continue to mesh? Will a one of the Vikings highly paid receiving options (KRudy or Mikey) show up?

    • Everybody almost got the score predicted perfectly last week, but it looks like Cariboo and iaVike edged out the competition, missing the actual score by a scant 20 points.

      Actual Score: Vikings-13 Packers-30

  2. This isn’t an air-it-out offense. The Air Coryell scheme makes that impossible for a group that doesn’t have All Stars at every position. With that knowledge, the game will be decided by finally determining what happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object.

  3. i like Sherells as our PR, but he can never make that first guy miss in close space. don’t get me wrong, when he finally gets room he can take it to the house. it’s just that initial tackler he seems to have problems..

  4. Atlanta trying to do what Weak Bay did last week. trying to get under AD’s skin by the extra chirping and after the whistle activity. guys gotta hold their head and not get caught up and get dumb penalties…

  5. It looks like Norv has went back to his old offense now. Fake the handoff, allow the defenders to regroup after realizing that the RB doesn’t have the ball, then try to throw a bomb with defenders breathing down your neck.


    • He’s no worse than Loadholt was his rookie year. Loadholt was getting beat on every play by every blitzer, but he tried to make up for it by grabbing on to the defender. So instead of allowing the QB to try and make up for the Tackle’s mistake, Loadholt would turn the play in to an automatic 10 yard loss, at best.

    • It looked like the intention of the play was a reverse to Diggs. He was in perfect position to assist with the block, but he was looking back at Sherels and running towards him. If nothing else, his responsibility was to make the kicking team respect the potential for a reverse.

  6. Not much competition for the prediction point today, but it looks like Tampa takes the championship for the week with a difference of 5.

    Actual Score: Vikings-20 Falcons-10

    • I was thinking the same. But I also have been thinking– we are playing better on the road than any time since Favre in 2009– in fact, we may be better on the road. I think we will beat the Packers at GB and win the division.

  7. Very happy for the win, but if I hear one of the players credit our “balanced attack” again, I’m going to puke. We have a pathetic pass game, and we’re a Peterson injury away from tossing the playoffs in the trash.

    Peterson coming back was supposed to open things up downfield. Wallace was supposed to open things up downfield and for Peterson. Neither of those things are happening, and it’s scary that we have the record we do. Peterson is leading in rushing, but also leading in negative rushes.

    We’re squeaking out wins in the regular season but if we don’t get something going in the pass game, we won’t go far in January, will we? Our D has held most teams to under 20 points, but how many times have we scored MORE than 20? There have been many SB winners with great defenses, but has there been a SB winner with a one-dimensional offense?

    • I agree, but I am thankful for how far we have come since Zimmer and Turner took over. I am not sure I expect us to take down the Big Dogs in the playoffs, but we might. I do believe the next two years, we will become one of the power houses. Who knows, maybe we could get as far as Carolina, and with a miracle get to the Big Dance this season, but could we beat a New England team in the SB? Not this year.

    • Yes, 8 times in the 49 Super Bowls, the winning team has scored 20 points or less. It is rare, but it is possible.

      However, I do agree with you that our offense is putrid. They are executing much worse than their talent level dictates that they should. The blame for that falls squarely on the coaching staff, which is the reason for our newest DotW.

      • Team is young– lots of young WRs, a second year QB, and a so-so O Line. They are doing okay. I am so happy we are competitive, but realistically didn’t expect a good playoff run until next season. Chillaxin and enjoyin a winning season– been quite a while.

  8. I just watched the Seahawks beat the Steelers, and it looks like it’s going to be a very difficult game. Seattle has a very good front 4 on defense, DBs with superb ball hawking skills and an uncanny ability to get away with penalties, and an offense that will take it to the house from just about every position.

    With that in mind, it looks like our offense can control the game if they are able to get past the front 4. Seattle’s secondary appeared to be a bit lacking in tackling skills, and left a lot of the short shots in the middle loosely covered. That probably has something to do with Pittsburgh’s offense though.

    The Steelers appear to be running the offense that Norv wants to run, but they make it successful because their line is very good at pass blocking (Ben often stood still in the pocket for long periods of time), they have WRs who are capable of getting a step on the defense, and they have a QB who has a strong arm and has the guts and timing to throw his receivers open, (one of his picks occurred because the ball was thrown before the receiver got past the defender, but the receiver stumbled just as the ball was released). All of those are traits that are missing from our offense.

    To survive in this game, I think our offense needs another strong dose of Adrian, with a bunch of quick passes to mobile guys like Wright, Diggs and Patterson (yes – that guy!) in the 3-7 yard range, while mixing in some more well-timed screens to boot. If the defense plays with a bend-don’t-break mindset, they should be able to keep us in it with a respectable performance from the offense.

    The last thing the offense wants to do is have Teddy wait for guys to get open. Seattle’s pass rush and DBs are way too good for that to work. Take what they give you in the short game, and then take a bit more when they miss their tackles.

  9. After we beat the Bears, they were saying we had a 6-game stretch that would define us as either a fluke or legit. 4 games through it we are 3-1. The Seattle game is going to be very tough, but I like our odds vs Arizona, even though it is a primetime game.

    I think we’ll come out of that stretch with a 9-4 record, then we have the Bears, Giants, and Packers.

    Bears at home – our game recipe will win another close one. Giants at home – we’ve positively OWNED Eli Manning over the past few years, and our D is much better now – plus the Giants are tanking. Another win there puts us at 11-4.

    Packers’ next 4 games are Lions, Cowboys, Raiders, Cardinals. Likely the Cardinals are the only team that will give them much trouble, as I can’t see them losing to the Lions twice. If the Packers win out from here, we’ll be tied and that final game will be for the Division.

    I can’t predict that win for either side right now. I see both teams coming up big, or choking.

    Either way, we’re in the playoffs.

    • With the Packers tanking and the Lions surging, I like the Lions’ odds on Thursday night in Detroit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Detroit lose their steam at this critical point, but recent performance by both teams gives me a lot of hope that they can pull it off.

      I can very much see the Packers going 2-2 in the next four weeks, which will really help our chances of winning the division. But let’s just play it safe and win all five of the final games to take the division the way that good teams do!

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