>>>>>>SHOWDOWN<<<<<< Packers vs Vikings


Can you see it? Can you feel it? Change is in the air. A Nordic storm is building momentum in Minnesota-a storm so powerful, so menacing, even the bravest of souls quiver in its wake. Venture outside if you dare-face the vengeance  of the “Vikings.”

As game-time approaches, I can’t remember a time when I felt more confident about our team moving forward as I do right now. Gone are the days of the soft defenses-this is smash-mouth at its very best. In less than two seasons as head coach, Zimmer has brought on a mindset that has an edge to it-a nasty edge, an edge that says “I’m gonna punch you right in the mouth and watch you bleed.”

The Vikings have an opportunity to put a stranglehold on the NFC North with a victory against their hated rivals-the Packers. The pundits are still giving the Vikings a 50/50 chance of coming out victorious on Sunday…they are still expecting the Packers to rise up to the occasion like they have since 2010, but, as I mentioned earlier, and what we fans know to be true-this is not the same Vikings team that the Packers had their way with in recent history.

So let’s sound the Gjallarhorn, the Vikings are going to battle! Change is coming…the momentum has shifted…can you feel it?

SKOL Vikings!





By vikingology

84 comments on “>>>>>>SHOWDOWN<<<<<< Packers vs Vikings


    By this, I mean ‘ Cheese curds’…….In this day and age of PCness, I might have offended some KURDS.
    If so, I want to just say to these people…..Take a Big Lick on

  2. had a pretty bad sunday before and during the game. only saw the 2nd quarter, and I’m kinda glad that’s all I saw. I’m done with complaining about these guys not getting enough exposure and credit around the league because the minute they get a little hype and attention the fall flat. better off staying under the radar, they tend to play better then..

  3. My first outdoor Vikings game since the old met and I was so disappointed. If I am going to freeze, then they better win. At least I had fun screaming, “KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL RODGERS!” at the top of my lungs, Nova style.

  4. Fuck the Minnesota Vikings season ticket holders. Anyone that went to that game would know we have absolutely no home field advantage at least half of that crowd is Packer fans. Ive been sitting with the same bunch of people for 4 games now but come Sunday I’m suddenly surrounded by 6 rows of Packer fans. The closest 2 vikings fans were 6 rows in front of me in their own personal hell. Next home game I’m gonna throw these fucking assholes off the balcony!

  5. Just another wake-up call, like the SF game. We have all the tools we need to win, just need to use them right. Penalties killed us. Refs killed us (but we should be used to that). The squirrel killed us.

    Atlanta is going to lose, and lose badly. So badly I’m going to have to take Davonta Freeman out of my starting lineup.

      • I watched the game again. Wallace was involved in 3 plays that I could see. On the first one, he was on a running play , he was on the outside with Ellison in front of him and he just went out of bounds. Any of our other receivers would have tried to use Ellison (a terrific blocker) to either break a big one or at least get the first down.
        The second play was a short out to the sidelines, he was open and the ball was on target and he dropped it. It would have been a first down. The drive stalled after that.
        The last play was the long pass that was just off target. Would Diggs have jumped to get it – we’ll never know.
        Wallace is just not making plays for the team.

        • Bill, that’s about the most accurate assessment of Wallace I’ve seen. Drops some easy ones, doesn’t try on a lot of the rest. He won’t be back next season.

          Who’s next in the FA hopper?

          • Stay away from free agent WRs. We should know better than anyone at this point that there’s a reason that their team isn’t willing to fork up the cash to keep them. Since 2008, via trade and free agency we have brought in potential #1 WRs such as Bernard Berrian, Randy Moss, Jerome Simpson, Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace. The best of the group was Berrian, and he didn’t offer much to be proud of. I’d rather we move forward with Diggs, Wright, Johnson and find the final piece to the puzzle in the draft – right after we get the offensive line straightened out.

            Ideally, the draft would go Guard, WR, Safety, depth, depth, depth, depth, depth! But it’s way to early to be thinking about the draft. We have a title to win!

  6. Romo is hoping to break his collarbone so many times that he will be remembered for that amazing stat, instead of screwing up that hold in Seattle and generally just plain sucking in big games.

    • It’s just that much more humiliating that the Bears and Lions were able to defeat the Packers, and we couldn’t even keep the score close with the game in the middle. But at least we’re back out on top with the Lions getting ready to make it 2 in a row against Green Bay since…ever?

      Anyways, thank you Bears! Go Vikings, and Go Lions!!

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