Cheese Week

OK Fellow VFBers….It is that time of year again that we face that nasty curdled cheese from the east!!!  Zimmer says that we haven’t won anything yet, but doesn’t it feel good to finally be in first place in the division again?!?!


Here is a little diddy for the way I feel about Sharon Rogers and the pukers!


By tampavike

23 comments on “Cheese Week

  1. Another week with very little change to the FF standings. Roughnecks and NCWinalot move up a spot each, NorseForce drops 2.

    The upcoming matches will provide some opportunities for big changes if teams can pull off some upsets.

  2. Heading up to deer camp tomorrow. Gotta put in the prediction today.

    The way things stack up, the ONLY way we get beat is if Rodgers torches us through the air, and that ain’t gonna happen.

    The cold climate will favor TB’s short passing game, our D and our run game punishes them. Vikings win – 27 – 20.

  3. This song would be SOOO much better if the lyrics went….

    “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart,
    But the very next day, you gave it away…..
    THIS YEAR, to save me from tears,
    I;ll give you a different body organ


  4. (Two winos, sitting on a park bench, each has a paper.bag-covered wine bottle)….
    (First wino, sniffing)…..” Something REALLY stinks here !!!!! Did you shit yourself ??)

    ( Second wino, insulted )…..” I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT)” !!!!!!!!!!

    Later, they both go to have a leak, against a wall,,,,,,
    The first wino, standing next to his companion, smells the stench again, reaches over, pulls out the guy’s pants at the waist, and sees this big turd there…….

    (Second wino)
    …..(Oh……I thought you meant today……

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