VIKINGS vs RAIDERS a tale of two 2nd year Quarterbacks

The two most promising quarterbacks from last years draft will go head-to-head on Sunday as our Vikings travel to the home of the Raiders-to the dreaded “Black Hole.”

This game will be forever linked to the Bridgewater vs Carr match-up in the eyes of the analyst’s from the moment they hit the field Sunday afternoon. How they fare as their team’s franchise signal caller will more than likely stay with them for the duration of their respective careers…the media-driven comparisons between the two start Sunday afternoon. Yes, this is a big game, and they both know it.

On offense: Both teams have offensive weapons at running back and wide receiver positions…we will always have the edge at running back as long as #28 is on the field. Our two-top wide receiver’s Wallace and Diggs are every bit as skilled and dangerous as the Raiders duo of Cooper and Crabtree. Offensive lines will always play a big part in determining the outcome of the game.

On Defense: This is where we should have the advantage. Our defense is at, or near the top of every defensive category, and they will be tested early, and often. The Raiders’ defense is OK against the run, but leaky in the passing game-the Vikings need to take advantage of this if they want to come away with a victory.

All-in-all, this should be a very interesting and entertaining game…lets hope our Vikings keep the winning streak going-I think Teddy will be up to the challenge…let the battle of the 2nd year QB’s begin!



By vikingology

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