Power Rankings – Week 9

This week’s power rankings are in, and things at the top half of the league are staying pretty stagnant. While the Rams dropped to 14 thanks to an overtime loss to your Vikings, the Vikings themselves didn’t do enough to move out of #15.

nfl power rankings week 9

In other news, it seems that the Rams’ head coach thinks that a person who has been dubbed the dirtiest player in the league multiple times wouldn’t have a clue what a dirty play, player or coach is. He said this in an attempt to minimize the criticism he and his team have taken for the cheap shots they took on Bridgewater last week, and other QBs earlier in the season. I think I can speak for a vast majority of Vikings fans when I say that coach can rot in hell.

34 comments on “Power Rankings – Week 9

  1. Close games against the Lions and Bears, as well as the decimation at the hands of the 49ers – 3 of the 4 teams at the bottom of this list – are what has been keeping the Vikings’ ranking so low. If we continue to do well and eek out wins against our opponents in the second half of the season, our ranking should start to climb as the opposition is significantly more accomplished than it was in the first half.

  2. Carr is getting a lot of praise-and rightfully so. I think AP in a way has hurt the growth of Teddy…He can’t seem to ever get in a rhythm because Norv always leads with the run.
    Last year Teddy had to be the man…this year it’s AP. Norv needs to cut Teddy loose-especially the second half of the season with much more potent offenses to face.
    Zimmer challenged Teddy as well to cut it loose sooner rather than when he has to…hopefully he put a bug in Norv’s ear as well.

  3. The Raiders are a better team than their record would dictate, but I believe in the Vikings defense (for atleast one half a game). Hopefully Teddy will be clear headed enough to show that he is Carr’s equal, which would lead to a Vikings victory with a score of 23 – 21.

  4. This looks to be a tough match-up, with the Raiders getting a slight .8 point advantage on their turf. But I’m going out on a limb and saying that the score is 22-22 at the end of regulation, and the Vikings win it 25-22 in overtime.

  5. Based on the first half of the season, the Vikings should make the playoffs as the second Wild Card team with a record of 10-6. But, that’s only because the numbers have us losing to the Packers in Green Bay in the final game of the year.

    If we are able to rally together and beat the Packers to end the season, then we’d be tied at 11-5 , with the Vikings owning the tiebreaker for the division crown. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference in the big scheme of things though, as whichever team wins would have to move on to Arizona and lose to the eventual Super Bowl runners-up.

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