Unlike the normal headlines where you typically hear, watch and read about QB’s pitted against each other, the Running Backs take the spotlight in today’s match-up between the Vikings and the Rams.

Adrian Peterson the greatest running back of all time will battle for bragging rights against the up-and-coming Todd Gurley in a game that is touted as “a passing of the torch.” I think #28 may have a say on that…

The defenses will have something to say too regarding the outcome of this game-one could say even more so than anything else. Back in the Fran Tarkenton days, when the Vikings battled the Rams, it was the Purple People Eaters against the Fearsome Foursome…we will get a taste of that nostalgia as well in today’s game.

Finally, where I think we have a decisive advantage is in the quarterback position. Teddy Bridgewater, in only his second year is finding ways to win in comeback-mode…look no further that last week to see a perfect example. Nick Foles on the other hand is an average quarterback that has pretty much average games. If the Rams are down late, it is not likely that he can lead his team to a comeback.

Overall, this should be an entertaining game on many levels-and a victory would put us at a note-worthy 6-2 record!



By vikingology

65 comments on “PETERSON vs GURLEY

  1. I was wondering if anyone ( Parody, Titus, Oz, I.A., Shawn, V.O. or ANYONE could remind me how much garland I bought last year. Lowes has lost my records.
    I hope they rot in hell.

  2. Another close match in the prediction contest has both GoldVike28 and Cariboo winning, off by only 1 point!

    Actual Score: Vikings-21 Rams-18


      • I had a slightly different impression of those throws. They were off the mark, far from perfect, but still catchable for anybody who is pulling in the kind of cash that Wallace is. A guy making that kind of dough needs to have a second gear and display on a frequent basis to bail his QB out of bad situations.

        Whether it’s cranking up your speed to get to the overthrown ball, changing your route to get to the ball off-the-mark, diving back to get to the under-thrown ball, or fighting through the defender to get the catch on the pass that shouldn’t have been thrown, Wallace doesn’t seem capable to do any of these things. I got the impression that he was at least good at the first one in his younger days, but he doesn’t even seem to have that extra gear anymore.

        Whatever it is, he’s not helping Bridgewater, while other receivers are. For that simple fact, they should be on the field more than he is.

        • I tend to agree with you Parody. I have often heard QB’s say that they only put the ball up so that their guys can go and make a play on it, like Diggs does and like CJ did last week in Chicago, where he stole an int but jumping up and grabbing it at the high point. On the other hand, by making the kind of plays that Diggs did 2 weeks ago you expose yourself to injury – perhaps that is what he is thinking about – I can understand that.

          • If you guys get a chance to watch the Denver – Indy highlights pay attention to the way Peyton Manning leads his wide open receiver. He throws it in stride not stupidly too far in front of him and to his left or right so the receiver is losing his footing trying to adjust to the ball. Teddy did this last year without Wallace and its pretty well known he struggles with deep ball accuracy. Remember the pre draft knocks on him? Or from watching him play. Remember him overthrowing Greg Jennings for a sure TD against the Redskins? Or Jarius wright against Atlanta? Just to name a couple. I find it hard to blame Mike Wallace who got paid millions of dollars for catching deep balls for Roethlisberger.

        • I agree with you on some of his throws, but there have been several that are directly on Teddy. Math was never my strong point, but throwing a football and baseball was. If you broke down the numbers on those wide open deep overthrows, there are darned few other people you could plug into the play and end up with a catch – Manute Bol, Yao Ming…..someone else REALLLY tall.

          I’ll agree that Wallace doesn’t seem to do much to help Teddy out on the majority of plays, but Teddy has badly missed some sure TDs over the past few games.

          Either way, it’s very frustrating. A great QB should realize who can jump, who will out-muscle a DB, who has the extra gear, and throw accordingly. Just because he’s only making rookie wages doesn’t excuse missing a throw that badly, just the same as paying a player an exorbitant amount doesn’t automatically mean they should be able to run faster than they are capable of.

          Just venting. We could be winning by a larger margin, but winning is winning.

          • I get where you’re coming from too. I’m not trying to apologize for every throw of Teddy’s, I’m just a lot more disgusted with Wallace’s lack of production. Teddy is still very young and learning. I feel comfortable giving him the benefit of the doubt on mistakes and trusting that he’s still going to get better. I can’t believe that Wallace has that much room to improve with the extra experience he has though. That, and it just doesn’t look like he’s trying hard enough to help out.

            Vets have to be the ones setting the example for what it takes to win games. Peterson does that with his relentless motor, regardless of whether or not the holes are there. Wallace just appears to expect things to come to him. That’s not a trait I want to see out of our veteran starters. It sets a bad example. I kind of had the impression that Moss came in and set a similarly poor example on a young impressionable Percy Harvin a few years ago.

  3. Just got back to the hotel. Good win, but above all, much love and credit to you guys out here in Minnesota. Hotel people was nice and courteous. Walking around town people was cool in the streets and the stores. Fans we sat with was extra cool..SKOL !!…

  4. Reality is somewere we all pass by thruOut the day____God bless me 2 pass by Greg Williams___AKA___BeTTER__B__Suspended from league___How obvious can U make it

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