NFL Power Rankings Week 8

The trade deadline has passed with only one trade occurring – for an AFC team – but more importantly, the Week 8 Power Rankings are in! Your Vikings, although winning their second road game in a row, find themselves sliding down this week due in large part to it being a very narrow victory against one of the worst teams in the league. Big games from teams just below them helped the slide as well. The Rams embarrassed the 49ers winning 27-6 and the Chiefs obliterated the Lions by a score of 45-10.

Elsewhere in the league, we find the Packers dropping only 1 spot after being exposed by the Broncos who in turn were able to move past the Packers, up 4 spots into 4th place. The dismantling of the Lions moved them down to last in the league, giving the NFC North two teams now that have graded out as the worst in the league at some point in the first half of the season.

Coming up this week, the Rams are headed to Minnesota after bypassing them in the rankings with a strong showing over the 49ers, a team that destroyed the Vikings in game 1. A transitive comparison would present a strong argument that because of this, the Vikings do not stand a chance in the game. But actual averages comparing overall performance for the entire year, weighted against the strength of opponents will show that the Vikings still hold a slight advantage in the upcoming game. With two of the top 4 defenses in the league facing off this week, look for this to be a low scoring game that will probably come down to the final drive once again. Look for your Vikings to start proving the doubters wrong, as they will finally get their second chance to show their abilities against a team with a WINNING record!

nfl power rankings week 8

23 comments on “NFL Power Rankings Week 8

  1. I just looked over the remaining schedules, and I found that it’s possible for 3 teams to finish the season undefeated! In order for this to happen, Denver will have to take a fall, twice. There’s currently 4 undefeated teams, (Denver, New England, Cincinnatti and Carolina), and only twice do they meet eachother this season. Both are games in Denver, with the Patriots going to Colorado in week 12 and the Bengals in Week 16.

    It would be pretty damned interesting (albeit extremely unlikely) to see three teams finish the season undefeated. I think that there have only ever been two teams in the history of the NFL to go undefeated in the regular season…and the Patriots lost the Super Bowl with that formula.

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