The Vikings look to continue the momentum as they head into Detroit to play a key match-up in the NFC North.

Peterson has had the best success rushing against the Lions, so it was a relief to see him active for the game due to his illness…he will be ready to cut it loose.

Diggs is digging it, and it has showed in a big way on the field as he gets another chance to shine. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Floyd unfortunately will not be on the field today as he continues to heal up, but thanks to our depth, we should be OK with our D-line.

Bridgewater has not been stellar, but he has continued to make the big throws when he needs to. As long as he continues to correct his mistakes, he will only get better as the season moves forward.

All-in-all, the Vikings match up well against the Lions, and our defense should keep the heat on Stafford enough to force a couple bad throws for them to take advantage of…


By vikingology

170 comments on “VIKINGS vs LIONS

  1. i don’t know if it’s Teddy not checking out when there’s 13 guys in the box, or the O-line’s lack of communication, or they just plain suck. if this goes on it’s really gonna be a long season…

    • and alot of those used to come off stretch runs. since Norv & Co. got here i don’t see anymore of those. disappointing because i hoped we can always run behind Kalil. wait a minute, a Kendricks sighting…

    • yep. that bad rep is gonna follow him around til he either tighten the fuck up, or become a liability. in order for his style of play to work, he has to have a good reputation as a shutdown CB already, then he can get the benefit of non calls…

  2. I don’t care where it is, it’s hard to come from behind to win on the road. Good, gritty win for us. I’m still very concerned about the red zone offense though, that needs to be fixed right away. Skol boys

    • Yeah – I don’t get that either, unless Sirles (sp?) and Easton have hidden talent. Apparently, the texans are looking for a backup QB. If they have any good o-line guys, maybe we could trade Shaun Hill for them.

        • He turned into a whinny little piss-ant, when he didn’t get named the starter. He proceeded to fail to show up during some of training camp, took himself out of a game because of an “injury” when things weren’t going his way, and missed the team flight to Miami.
          Basically he is an self entitled douchebag, who turns to bitch mode when things don’t go his way. That is not what you want in a QB starter or backup, which is why they cut him.

          • How was that not common knowledge before the draft? Most players have an agent before the pre-draft process begins, and I am certain that Mallett was not an outlier to this norm. The agent will tell the player everything to expect and help to prepare for it all. But Mallett still completely bombed the interview.

            That above anything else is why he was ignored until the end of day 2, and really should have been ignored for much longer. That made me certain that his head is not in the right place to be a starting QB on any team, and should feel lucky to even be given a shot at all, given how important personality is to the position.

        • After sticking with this group for 6 games, I doubt that these coaches have any plans to fix things with roster moves until the off season. They may improve the backups, but they seem too stubborn to do anything about the starters mid-season.

  3. Got a lot of busted up people.

    Wright hasn’t passed concussion protocol. Line has neck injury, Cole finger, Thielen ankle, Ellison concussion, Peterson hip/ankle/finger, Floyd knee/ankle, Trattou foot.

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