Power Rankings – Week 6

 Power rankings are in for the week and even after a less than acceptable performance by the Purple, we see them moving up three spots this week, overtaking the Giants, Redskins and Titans to slip into rank 13.  The Patriots and Cardinals continue to dominate the league and keep their position at the top.  The Eagles and Steelers had the most significant gains of the week, moving up to spots 7 and 6 with gains of 5 and 4 spots respectively.  Meanwhile, having lost their first game of the season to their division rival Saints, the Falcons took the most significant hit of the week, moving down five spots but still remaining in the top 10.  Going down 12 spots, the Titans had the biggest drop with their embarrassing dismantling at home against the Dolphins, but they were already an unlikely team to make any impact this season, as they now sit ranked 26th in the league.

The Vikings have a couple of road games against divisional opponents that they should beat in the upcoming weeks, but the team has performed significantly worse on the road thus far in the short season.  It will take a couple of dominating wins against the cellar-dwellers for the Vikings’ position to improve over the next two weeks, but that is exactly what we should expect from a young team on the rise that is on the brink of taking over the league.

pr wk 6

21 comments on “Power Rankings – Week 6

  1. Hey Vegas! Thought you went to showgirl heaven. Nice to see you again.

    Yeah, Parody had to give Roger the hindlick…..it was gross but it did the trick.

    Been a little quiet around here. Nova and HCG put in very rare appearances.

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