After a week off, the Vikings host the Chiefs…minus their star running back. The Vikings had some time to heal their wide receiver group to a point where it will be interesting to see who will be the odd-man-out. With the emergence of the rookie Diggs, and Thielen’s steady play, will Patterson be the bench warmer? Perhaps all six wideouts will be active.

The only thing going for KC is their pass rush, outside of that they are weak. If the Vikings’ O-line can keep Teddy upright, the Chiefs will be in for a long afternoon.

Peterson will get his touches, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulk of the scoring came from the arm of Bridgewater.

The Chiefs come in wounded, and I expect the Vikings to send them home with another loss to their dismal season.

The bye week losing streak will end this Sunday, and the Vikings will start a new winning streak…


By vikingology

106 comments on “CHIEFS VS VIKINGS

    • That’s what I got too:

      Actual Score: Chiefs-10 Vikings-16
      Goldvike 28:Vikings~31-10[15+0](15)

  1. I was at the game today, watching from the East end zone. It made it tough to see a lot of what was going on at the other end of the field, but I got a good look at all of Walsh’s field goals. He looked spot on each time. I was impressed! Each kick was still very worrisome though. I have vivid memories of the pregame practice, where he bounced a couple of his shots off the uprights right in front of me. If he can avoid screwing up next week, there will be strong consideration for a new DBOTW.

    Other notes I got from today’s game:

    • Diggs is for real!
    • The DLine is having a lot of trouble getting pressure
    • We were saved a lot by erratic throws from Smith and bad reaction from his targets
    • The offense is hopeless until the line gets fixed
    • Wallace is not worth the pay check (not catching or even fighting for a decent deep throw by Teddy) and should be cut at the end of the season
    • Refs don’t understand the rule book! (How is holding inside the end zone not a safety?)

  2. I was the guy in this picture that you can’t see…15 rows back and 30-feet to the left.

    I felt bad for the guy though. Seconds after he reeled in the interception, stadium staff came and forced him to give it back. Damn cheap asses in the NFL can’t afford to write off a $50 ball.

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