Beating the Odds

This week may be the toughest match-up that the Vikings have on their entire schedule.  Not only are they going against a future hall-of-famer at Quarterback, one who has set many records in the regular season and is closing in on numerous others, but they also have to face off against one of the best defenses in the league, one that boasts a very formidable pass rush and has a knack for forcing turnovers.

To make matters worse, the Vikings will be taking them on in the Mile High air.  They’ll also likely be going into this game without a couple of their better wideouts.  Jarius Wright is currently listed as questionable for Sunday’s game, while Charles Johnson has already been listed as out.  That means that guys like Adam Thielen, Cordarrelle Patterson and Stefon Diggs will need to step their game up so that they can be used as targets against this formidable defense.  Teddy Bridgewater is going to have his hands full, and will need to receive a very well thought out game plan from Norv Turner to keep his team in the fight.

Luckily, the Broncos are not without their own concerns.  Peyton Manning has looked like a shadow of his former self in the first three games, and has been battling some old-man pains that have been keeping him out of practice.  Accompanied by a host of injuries to his offensive line, the game plan for the Vikings defense should be to try to pound Manning to the ground and convince him to start planning out his retirement.

A strong defense may not be enough to solidify this win however, as Denver’s defense has been able to score on their own.  So above all else, Teddy and his offense will need to focus on ball control.  With two strong defenses heading into the game, this has the makings of a low scoring affair.  The odds are on the side of the home team, but the Vikings should be encouraged by this.  You prove you are the best by beating the best, and right now there are few teams better than the Broncos.

192 comments on “Beating the Odds

  1. Last week, the Vikes took a step forward. I think they are playing with renewed confidence. This will be a very hard fought game. A score of 0 – 0 wouldn’t surprise me. The difference will be AD. Put me down for 14 – 10 Vikes.

  2. I’m going to put on my purple colored glasses and say that our defense will continue to keep Denver’s run game parked in the garage, the front line will make Peyton cry in pain at least 3 times, and TB is going to show everyone why Thielen and Diggs made the team.

    Vikings 24 – 21

    • Confirmed, V-O was off by only 1 point. It’s almost as if he paid off the refs…

      Actual Score: Vikings-31 Chargers-14

  3. defense holding so far. offense need to step up, and stop trying to outsmart ’em. give AD the damn ball out of basic formations and not those damn shot formations. he doesn’t get anything from that…

  4. we got to get back to the basics. fuck all this trying to outwit and outsmart ’em. let’s just pound the ball and enforce will on ’em. this cute shit got us in a 10-0 hole. once again, seems like we coward up when teams bring intensity…

  5. Looks like V-O gets two in a row, off by only 4. There was a close tie for second, with Northwoods, iaVike and Irish all off by only 6 points.

    Actual Score: Vikings-23 Broncos-20

  6. Damn! What a game. Teddy finally showed up to play behind that God awful offensive line. Steve Hutchinson said last week that you build a team around your offensive line not just save your last draft picks for an O lineman. Something like that anyway. Very true.

  7. On the positive side, we have an easy stretch of games coming up after the bye next week against Kansas, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis and Oakland. It is very possible that we can win all of those if the team continues to play well. Then they’ll need to really buckle down for a tough stretch at the end of the schedule.

  8. I’m just gonna throw this out there. What if we could do a trade of Kyle Rudolph in return for a quality RT? Would you take it? Rudolph is just a non factor year after year.

  9. What a game…too bad with the loss, but the Vikes went toe to toe with the Broncos on their home turf. Hats off to Teddy B, kept his poise in a hostile environment-in some ways played better than Peyton. More experience in game-time situations and he will be fine. Diggs needs to keep playing, he showed up big time.

  10. VO is right on. Diggs has earned his playing time. We DAMN near beat them, when we were predicted to fall far short. Is there something they can do to shore up the OLine – right now that is our Kryptonite. Better blocking for AP, better pass protection for TB, and we win a LOT of games.

  11. There is 5:16 left on the clock in the 4th quarter.
    The score is Denver 20, vikings 17.
    You are 4th down with 2 yards to go on Denver’s 15 yard line.
    On the previous series, you drove 97 yards for a TD, with Adrian Peterson blasting through for 48 yards.
    Your defense just intercepted the future hall of famer Peyton Manning and gave you the ball back – thanks to Harrison Smith.
    Since the interception, you have driven the ball 38 yards on 7 plays, including converting a first and 20.
    What do you do?
    1. You kick the field goal to tie the game up, giving the ball back to that same future hall of famer with about 5 minutes left;
    2. You line up and pretend you are going for it, hoping for an off-side penalty; or
    3. You play to win on the road and go for it, since you have your own future hall of fame running back who has just blasted them. If you succeed, you will have a chance to score a touchdown and be up by 4 points, forcing Denver to score a touchdown of their own, rather than a field goal. You will also have run some more time off the clock.

    Option 3 is obviously a very gutsy call that you would be crucified for if you didn’t make it. However, I think under the circumstances, it would have been the correct call. Our offense had come to life and I think Denver’s defense was back on their heels.

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