Bridgewater vs Rivers=Liquid Adrenaline

As week three commences, we find our Vikings even at an early 1-1 record. The Vikings will look to stay on the winning path against the Chargers.

There are some very good reasons why people in Viking land feel optimistic about Sunday’s game:

Adrian Peterson has had great success against the Charger defense particularly in 2007 when he set the record for most rushing yards in a single game with an amazing 296 yards.

Norv Turner was a former Head coach for the Chargers, which should give us the edge on Phillip Rivers’ weaknesses and how the Vikes can exploit the Charger defense with our QB Teddy Bridgewater leading the way.

Mike Zimmer brings an aggressive defense that will keep the Chargers off-balanced resulting in several turnovers. If our defensive line hits Rivers like they did Stafford, the Chargers will be in for a long afternoon.

Lets keep the momentum going in the right direction…Purple Rain=Purple Pain!

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By vikingology

159 comments on “Bridgewater vs Rivers=Liquid Adrenaline

  1. this is why plays need to be executed correctly. Sendejo does what he needs to do on 3rd and 18, and this shit doesn’t happen, and the offense is back on the field with possible good field position…

  2. I do not like that 3rd and 18 call where you rush only 3 and get no pressure on Rivers. They let them off the hook! I thought our philosophy was to be aggressive. Rushing only 3 under those circumstances is NOT aggressive!!!!!

    • That’s why people have been saying that he won’t make the team for years. Sure, he’s a good punt returner, but he sucks at defense. Just means that we’re saving a roster spot for a player with limited duties. At least his duties have been expanded a bit in the last couple games with all the stops our defense has been putting up.

  3. Great win! Hell of a game to be at! Teddy though does not look as advertised. Derek Carr is throwing for 300 yards a game and leading his team and Teddy can barely do anything. This year he looks anything but a franchise QB.

    • I think your defense alone killed me. WTF? What defense ever scored 28 points before?

      I think I’m waiving my entire team and starting over. Rudolph dropping TDs, Dallas and Washington not knowing a player is on the field……cut the lot of them.

  4. Relax Irish…remember, that INT happened because of a dropped TD pass the throw before by Rudy. He made the throws when he needed to and kept the chains moving. Teddy was not great today, but he did try and push the ball down the field.

    The Vikes are 2-1 and have a chance at Peyton next week. The season is still young and the Vikings will continue to evolve. I’m fine with Bridgewater. You should be celebrating the win running outside naked!

    BTW, looks like I won the predition score for this week!

  5. Only a true Vikings fan complains after a win. I hate to break it to some of you, but why the need to force a passing attack when the game is being won on the ground, or defensively? Don’t be a crybaby because TB does not help your fantasy team. This is not a vertical attacking team, it’s a ground and pound team. I’m sure, if TB was throwing for 300+ ypg, with 2TD’s per game, you’d complain that AP is not getting enough touches. The moral of the story, quit complaining after a good win, it’s rather unbecoming.

  6. What is the pencilneck at using for a gauge to establish projected points? I have Tyrod Taylor as one of my QBs. Here is his week by week projected and actual point totals:

    Week 1 Proj: 9.04 Act: 15.9
    Week 2 Proj: 11.38 Act: 25.98
    Week 3 Proj: 11.16 Act: 24.28
    Week 4 Proj: 11.48

    Three weeks straight he’s posted considerably higher than his projection, and STILL only projected for 11 points again in week 4, and he’s projected for zero when you look at the Game Center matchup (my Vikings defense is also projected for zero).

    • Possibly. Perhaps more poise would have improved his ability to hit a receiver in stride as well?

      I didn’t mind him taking off and running – he was pretty good at picking up yards with his feet, but he was to passing what Patterson is to route running.

  7. “Northwoods’ Berzerkers has not made any lineup changes, but still has Kyle Rudolph (0.00 projected points) in their starting lineup. They might be interested in picking up Brandon Weeden (16.74 projected points) to start over Tyrod Taylor (11.48 projected points) and substituting in LeSean McCoy (12.90 projected points) for Chris Johnson (2.20 projected points).”

    1. Tyrod Taylor has scored more than double his projected points every week so far. Sticking with him.
    2. LeSean McCoy isn’t predicted to play Sunday, and Chris Johnson will get the same amount of playing time he did last week. Why on earth would I plug McCoy into the lineup?

    The only move that has any logic behind it is swapping out Rudolph. He’s going to be relied on to bolster blocking for TB, and so far he’s been butterfingers in the endzone.

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