The Sky is (not) Falling

For those old enough to remember the story of “Chicken Little” with our young heroine Henny Penny as the one who once declared “The Sky is Falling”…little did she realize it was only an acorn that fell on her head. There are many twists and turns in this old fable, but I’ll let you, the reader seek out the story on your own.

The obvious connection with Henny Penny and most of the bloggers that posted after the drumming we took against the 49ers is crystal clear-“The Sky is falling in Viking-land.”

Let’s all take a collective deep breath…and exhale-after all, we played all of one game. ONE.

Let’s wind the clock back to the early stages of last year and if you recall (I’m sure you do) a quarterback of a certain rival team uttered the words “Relax” in response to their fans crying out that the year was already over (thank goodness it ended in a glorious collapsing ball of fire.) The other team that comes to mind happened to win the Superbowl (I know it’s deflating, but…)

Now I know some of you are probably thinking our own Teddy is not like those other unspeakable QB’s, and your right, he’s not. But no one can deny the surge of talent we have on the Viking’s squad, and Teddy is just fine. Speilman has been great, Zimmer has changed the mentality of the team…we are headed in the right direction…are there problems-yes, but you can be certain they are being addressed, and will continue to be.

It’s better to start off slow, and gain momentum, than get off to a fast start and fizzle down the stretch…we will reach the mountain top, it will happen soon…destiny will finally find us, and when that happens…ouch something just fell on my head.

So, the moral of the story is-don’t proclaim “The Sky is Falling” until you first check the bump on your head!


By vikingology

133 comments on “The Sky is (not) Falling

  1. I feel like there’s a pretty big difference between the Packers starting off slow with Aaron Rodgers and the best offense in the NFL making every playoffs since I was born and the 7-9 vikings led by an unproven quarterback and a weak offensive line.

    Other than that vikings win 100-0 or I kill myself.

  2. The definition of insanity is performing the same action multiple times and expecting different results. Pretty sure every Viking fan is insane. Not setting up for disappointment this week. 17-9, Lions. Would be 17-10, but Walsh will miss the extra point on the Vikings only TD of the day. A.P. runs for 60 yards on 20 carries, and Teddy throws for 200 yards (ish), with a completion percentage of about 62%. By tomorrow morning, K-fan will be full of callers saying the Wilfs need to fire Rick S, and that Turner is past his prime. Most will be questioning Teddy and Mike Z by the bye week. Same crap every season, yet no one ever learns. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Hence the moniker.

    • Move your antenna around. I’ve been having similar troubles. It was so bad that I thought my antenna had a problem so I got a new one, but it didn’t improve things much.

      The old antenna ended up connected to the TV in the bedroom, and that is getting a crisp, uninterrupted signal. It just needed to be in the right location.

  3. Kalil being stupid, but got lucky that the rule is messed up. Why is it still first and 10 after a 15-yard penalty? They should leave the sticks where they would have been if a penalty was not assessed, and make it first and 25, the same as if the penalty happened after a first down was not achieved.

      • Teddy was probably headed out of bounds, but he hadn’t gotten there yet. The tackle slid through the line making it look more outrageous than it was. It looked to me like Barr did a bit more than just ensure Stafford was headed out.

        Regardless, I think they are protecting QBs WAY too much. They need to change the rules back so that QBs are treated like another NFL player on the field, and nothing more. For one, the intentional grounding/incomplete pass rules are completely bogus. “Was the QB trying to complete a pass, or was he just trying to get around the intentional grounding rule?” “His arm was moving forward, so obviously he was trying to throw it to the open receiver, right?” “Was there a receiver close enough to the ball to argue that it wasn’t intentional grounding?” “Was the QB between the tackles and under duress?”
        THROW IT ALL OUT THE WINDOW! Intentional grounding should not exist any more than the push out rule. At least they got rid of the latter. Meanwhile, it should only be considered a forward pass if it crosses the line of scrimmage and doesn’t sail out of bounds.Otherwise, treat it like a fumble. That would make the game more fair, easier to officiate properly, AND more entertaining to watch. TRIPLE BONUS!

  4. Anyone else adjust a widget recently?

    I used to go into WordPress and make changes, then navigate back to the blog but now I just get a thin dropdown menu on the L side of the screen, and the blog is on the right, and the blog screen refreshes with every single keystroke.

    I can’t express how annoying and time consuming that is.

  5. Thoughts on the game:

    1. Post-game radio show had a lot of talk about it being time to bring in someone to “rattle Walsh’s cage.” They made a good point about how the kicker gets to choose the spot of the PAT now, (left hash, right hash, center), so if Walsh is missing PATs from the spot he feels MOST confident kicking from, that’s BAD, m’kay? I know the team just forked over a lot of money, but there’s got to be a decent undrafted kicker out there who would sign for the league minimum right now to mitigate financial loss. Here’s the top 8 2015 placekicker draft prospects:
    1 Justin Manton PK 6-2 200 Louisiana-Monroe
    2 Jared Roberts PK 6-1 205 Colorado State
    3 Kyle Brindza PK 6-1 235 Notre Dame
    4 Josh Lambo PK 6-0 220 Texas A&M
    5 Sam Ficken PK 6-1 185 Penn State
    6 Jeremiah Detmer PK 5-8 170 Toledo
    7 Marvin Kloss PK 6-0 200 South Florida
    8 Niklas Sade PK 6-2 220 North Carolina State
    They are ALL still available.

    2. Xavier Rhodes may be one of the better CBs in the NFL, but he’s apparently trying to set a record for holding/interfering with receivers. Once he’s beat off the line or has a good move put on him, it’s Gluehands Rhodes. My Dad and I were joking before the game that he has to cover Calvin Johnson, and we guessed how many penalties Rhodes would get. Dad won. Hopefully offenses won’t start targeting Rhodes just to get the PI call.

    3. Great game for AD, glad he’s back on track. Maybe Rhodes can loan him a can of his glue until AD gets used to being knocked around again.

    4. I think our association with CP84 is coming to an end. Benched last season for lack of production, only 3 targets vs. SF, and yesterday never saw the field on offense. Do we keep a KO returner on the roster that can’t do anything else? I would say Diggs is the heir-apparent but he wasn’t even active yesterday – are they red-shirting him his Rookie year?

    5. Officials still hate us.

    • I agree that it looks like the coaches have given up on Patterson. The sweep to Wright on Sunday looked like a play that would have been perfect for Patterson’s skills. Still, I think it makes the most sense to keep Patterson on board through his rookie contract unless we can get another team to trade for him. The team doesn’t gain anything by cutting him and he’s too good a returner to get nothing back for him.

      • Very true. If they are going to get rid of him you’d think they would showcase his (few) talents – make him more attractive to other teams.

        Then again, at this point the opposing team would know what’s coming if he IS on the field.

  6. I believe I won the prediction contest point this week with V-O being a close second.
    Actual score: Vikings 26 – 16

    Mine: Vikings win 24 – 17
    V-O: Vikings 23 – 17

    I still need to go back and find the predictions for week 1 and the winner will be announced afterwards.

  7. Here is a list of Week 1 Predictions:
    RVF: Vikings 27 – 15
    Parody: Vikings 21 – 19
    Cariboo: Vikings 35 – 10
    NW: Vikings 31 – 21
    VO: Vikings 30 – 16
    Titus: Vikings 34 – 17
    IaVike: Vikings 26 – 21
    Nova: Vikings 31 – 13

    Actual score 49ers 20 – 3.
    I believe that Parody is the winner, but would like someone to double check.

  8. Sorry it’s been so long since I have been on here guys. Busy is not even close to the word I need for how buzy I have been.

    A stinker of a game week one, a great one week two.

    This week????????

    I think it’s gonna be a close one.

    Vikes- 24


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