And, so it begins…………….


Minnesota rolls into San Fran for a (late night) MNF showdown to open their season.  Fresh off some convincing wins in preseason, and not daunted by a meaningless loss in which most starters never saw the field, the Vikings look to be the favorites to beat a 49er team that is a shadow of its former self.

Why we will win:  TB has picked up right where he left off at the end of the 2014 season.  He is crisp, clean, and even more mature than he was last year, which is saying something.  Minnesota added a couple valuable weapons to the offensive (but not offensive) roster – Adrian Peterson and Mike Wallace.  Both are figured to open up the other’s game – Peterson will draw defenders up to the line, leaving Wallace open down the sidelines, or Wallace will take a couple defenders with him, leaving open field for AD to do his thing.    Throw in a healthy Rudolph and the threat of Wright, Johnson and Patterson, and San Fran won’t know WHO to cover.

Why it could be close, but we still win:  The Vikings have had troubles containing a scrambling/running QB.  We may have blanket coverage on 49er WRs, and our front line may stuff the RBs, but Zimmer needs to designate someone to spy on Kaepernik.  The O-line is a work in progress, with a rookie at RT, and several converts and backups filling in 4 of the 5 positions.  Also, the Vikings have posted a dismal record in primetime matchups over the past decade.  However, this patchwork O-line provided TB with enough time to run through his progressions.

Prediction:  Minnesota will bust open the 2015/16 season with a victory.


By northwoodsv2

136 comments on “And, so it begins…………….

  1. This one will be closer than most people think. With the offensive line scrambling to figure out their responsibilities, the Vikings will be saved by a suspect 49ers defense, and squeak out a win 21-19 as the 49ers fail to make the 2-point conversion that would have sent the game into overtime.

  2. Always eager and nervous for that first game. I could see Kendricks getting alot of playing time, because I think he could do a good job spying Kaepernick. The O-line concerns me also. Just hope they can create some running lanes for AD. Walsh doesn’t have any mulligans left, he has to show up now. On a another note, just saw on that a Minnesota man killed his family, then pulled the gun on himself. Any truth to that ??

  3. Some pencil-pushing twerp in a suit at NFL Fantasy Football said Dorial Green-Beckham would outscore Kendall James, so I swapped them at gametime. Apparently the QB didn’t know Green was in the game, never threw to him. James, meanwhile, racked up double digits. Post-game analysis from NFLFF:

    Analysis: The rookie wide receiver looks like he still needs some time to adjust to the NFL game, but the Titans coaching staff clearly believes in his talent since Green-Beckham is one of just four receivers on the roster. His massive frame should allow him to be a force down the road, but it’s going to be hard to trust Green-Beckham until he demonstrates some level of production in a game.

    Tell me this – how does one demonstrate production in a game if the QB doesn’t throw the ball to him?

    • I went with my heart on this one. There is so little to go by on the 49ers. Kaepernick’s numbers in the pre-season are horrible, but I discounted that. Their defense has had a lot of changes, however Tomsula is a defensive minded guy, so their defense will probably be OK eventually but I think it is going to be tested by Teddy and the jets (Wallace, Johnson, Wright, Diggs, Pruitt). I doubt that AD gets 100 yards, but he may explode. It will depend upon TB and the OL. I am probably too optimistic.

    • i don’t think he’s gone soft. keep in mind a good part of last year we could never seem to get on track in those 1st halves, but usually tightened up in the 2nd half. we just don’t need those this year. hard to come back from sluggish starts…

  4. this QB option handoff shit has to go for this game. let’s get back to our basic offense. AD in the backfield and turn him loose. too many men in the box, audible out and throw the damn ball. we talk about this so much. why the fuck these guys can’t comprehend that shit…

  5. this is what happens when you’re probably reading the clippings on being a team on the rise. we probably needed this kind of game to put the team back in it’s place, a team working to get that level when you’re not there yet…

  6. I absolutely saw all of this coming. You could see it in the preseason but hey what would I know. 100% no fucking chance of making the playoffs. Spielman needs to go, ignored obvious issues for too long and the guys he did draft aren’t panning out. Good teams don’t have games like that, garbage. Goodnight.

  7. watching a couple of interviews after the game: AD said it was embarassing and both sides of the ball are better than that.. Zim said maybe the guys aren’t ready for primetime yet based on tonight’s game… Teddy says tonight’s game was a reality check.. We’ll see next Sunday at TCF….

    • Let’s also hope the season is not in the tank by the time he gets back. We got 7 more weeks of this before he returns. I can’t see the O-line being this bad again, tho’ going against Detroit this Sunday can be disastrous…

  8. We are not going to defend Teddy like we did Ponder. As talented as Teddy is he played awful. Still has problems overthrowing receivers. Looked anything but a franchise qb offensive line had nothing to do with it.

      • All of those stats were in garbage time against a prevent defense. Teddy did nothing until he decided to pad his stats instead of throw hail Mary’s at the end of the half. Then he did nothing until the score was 17-3 and the 49ers were playing prevent. Oh wait he did do something he badly overthrew his receiver for the 3rd-4th time in the game and was picked off. There were times when Teddy had no time but there were a lot of times he had all the time in the world and did nothing with it. I’m not babying players anymore after that shit.

  9. Dear Bloggers,

    Well…well. I hate to say it, but the off-season champs (as declared by GB fans around the globe) have fooled us gullible, purple faithful again. I’m betting that within a month, there will be calls for the heads of Mikey Z, Ricky Spee, and Teddy Bee.

    I do miss you guys, however. Remember the days of the fake Titus? Ahhh…the good old days. Sometimes I wish we still had the old Wobby blog. Reading the comments (on this blog) brings back fond memories. Hey (chuckle..chuckle), do you guys remember that time (chuckle) when people thought they could figure out who the imposter was just by his writing style? Or, how about that time you all thought the fool was actually Wobby? Ahhh, wish I had a time machine.

    I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a column (PUBLISHED…Mr. Flavius) to finish. Stay breezy, bloggers.

    Yours truly,
    The one and only, Vikingsfool. “Cuz I’m a fool fool fool for you”

    PS. Wait at least another season before you generate a Fire Zimmer web page.

  10. I’ve never been this frustrated at a game before. tried to sleep it off but it only gave me the strength to be more furious. On top of that because Jarryd Hayne made the team ESPN is broadcasting every 49er game back home. Everyone was watching, ratings were through the roof and of course my Vikes had to play like that. I woke up to a million messages from that barren wasteland I used to call home. Ughhhh

  11. Well, it may be a blessing we lost— had we won, it would have gone to these young guy’s heads– all the hype how great we will be, the rising team, the great preseason, AD back, great new QB, great coaches, great D, etc.– well,, now the reality. There is another team on the field hungry to win. AWAKE!!! SKOL!!! And, hey, LesBarooos are undefeated.

  12. Call me crazy or whatever, but I strongly believe that Mike Zimmer and the Wilfs were ordered to lose that week 1 matchup against the 49ers!

    Especially, considering the fact that Anthony Barr said that they only ran like 3 plays! There were a lot of phantom calls and obvious no calls!

    I am in no way saying this because we lost. It was the way that we lost!

  13. Watching the Broncos/Chiefs last night I saw that both kickers were able to kick the ball straight – no deviation left or right after it left their feet. Walsh’s FGs ALWAYS twist one way or the other, even in calm conditions.

    I think we need a straight kicker who can aim at the middle of the uprights and not have to try and bank one in.

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