Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

the day has finally come for the VFB FF League to draft their teams and battle in a year dog fight for supremacy. Will last years champs the Roughneck continue to prove that they are the Best in the World? Or will the LesBarooooos (ReDux) step out of the gutters and shock the world? Who will take the crown? All these and many more questions will be answered in the weeks to come, but it all starts tonight at 8pm CT.

By roger

67 comments on “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

  1. I think LesBarooos looks a lot better than last year– I was a lot more prepared, but even so, the draft goes fast with 12 teams choosing, a round or two, and with all the best players taken, you have to be creative.

  2. LesBarooos 2015

    QB-Andrew Luck
    RB-DeMarco Murray
    RB-Andre Ellington
    WR-Emmanuel Sanders
    WR-Charles Johnson
    TE-Julius Thomas
    WR-Mike Wallace
    QB-Eli Manning
    QB-Jameis Winston
    WR-Anquan Boldin
    WR-Marques Colston
    WR-Eric Decker
    WR-Malcom Floyd (SD)
    K-Cairo Santos
    Defense CAR

  3. The trifecta of jettisoning ex-Viking QBs is complete. Ponder, Cassel, Freeman – all sent packing this weekend.

    Webb is the only one left on a roster. MBT is on Tampa’s practice squad.

  4. By the way, FYI to all the FF teams. I looked at some of the other teams, including the Catskinners. It is my unbiased opinion that LesBarooos has the most balanced and effective set of players and will win it all!

  5. Sully placed on short-term IR, had microdiscectomy of lumbar spine – figures to be out 8 games minimal. Opens up a roster spot.

    Jarius Wright signs 14M contract extension. I KNEW drafting him was a good idea – he may not get 20 passes per game, but with the other talent drawing coverage he’s going to make some awesome plays when TB throws his way.

    Robinson swaps his #30, now wearing #51, which was worn by ……………?

    • I have a signature from LB Larry Dean with that number next to it. I was trying to get Erin Henderson to sign the football right next to E.J. Henderson’s signature at training camp, and forgot that Erin’s number was 50, not 51, so I approached the wrong player and destroyed its value!

      Then Erin went and proved that he isn’t worthy of being an NFL player, so it would be rather worthless now anyways.

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