The Battles to Come

Today is the Vikings final preseason game and they will be facing the Titans. While most of the starters will be sitting on their backside having already earned their spots, many hungry, young players will be fighting to make the squad. Will Diggs prove he should be the PR guy making Sherels obsolete? Will one or two of the young OLinemen prove that with them we have depth? Can Heinicke show enough to make the team or will he be relegated to the PS? This game may not matter when in the record books, but it will form the building blocks of the team for years to come.

Also the VFB FF League draft is this Sunday, September 6th, at 8pm CT.

By roger

35 comments on “The Battles to Come

  1. Due to my location, local channels will again be broadcasting ONLY the Packqueers game, and I again will be forced to record the Vikings replay in 2 or 3 days at about 4am.

    Nobody tell me the outcome.

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