Dress Rehearsal

In a few minutes the Vikings will take on the Cowboys in Dallas. While it will be the Vikings 4th preseason game, it will be their dress rehearsal for the regular season, which means the Vikings starters will likely get extensive time. Perhaps they will unveil some new plays that will strike fear into defenses. Or they could make everyone (casual fans) doubt the hard work Coach Zim has been putting in. Now the game is meaningless as far as wins and loses, but each and every player should be fighting to earn the right to be apart of the 2015-16 Vikings as they try and do what all of those before have failed to do. Who has what it takes?

By roger

45 comments on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. 28 hours on the road from Maple Grove down to Arlington and back, but it was worth it! What a fun game to watch in a great stadium. The only thing I didn’t like was that giant TV hanging over more than half of the field. The thing was so big that I caught myself watching the plays live on that monster more than a couple times.

  2. It is SOOOOO hard to keep emotions in check. The purple Kool-aid is good, the Kool-aid is fine!

    I know it’s preseason and teams are holding some of it back, but ALL teams are doing that across the board.

    Our 1s have either beaten or stayed with the other teams’ 1s, and our 2s and 3s have flat out beaten other teams’ 2s and 3s. Heck – our 2s basically stayed with Dallas’ 1s this weekend.

    All this with AD not playing a snap yet, and Blair “Which way are the uprights?” Walsh leaving 13 points off the board thus far.

    I know. We went undefeated in preseason last season, and look where we ended up. BUT, our possibilities are really looking up this year with TB and Zim in their second seasons.

    Someone throw a bucket of water on me before I explode.

    • You are not witnessing a mirage– we will be good this year. AND I say that because we have about the best coaching in Vikings history– we basically have two head coaches– one running the Offense and one running the Defense– and they ain’t no Musgrave.

      • I talked to a lot of Cowboy fans yesterday, and they were all very happy to have Zim and Turner back in town. It seems that most Cowboys fans prefer the Vikings as their second team, in some part because of those two guys. The only one who told me that he wasn’t a Vikings fan went out of his way to say how much he hates the Packers!

          • When you look at it, they really have no reason to dislike us. We didn’t cheat them out of a Super Bowl, or weasel them into the worst trade in the history of the NFL. They were on the winning end of both of those events, so it might give us a leg up in sympathy points in their minds.

            I tried to dislike the Cowboys for a while, but I really can’t. I didn’t exist back when the Hail Mary was created, and was a bit too young yet to even have paid attention to trades in the NFL when the Herschel Walker scandal went down.

            I dislike Romo and can’t stand Jerry Jones, but I’ve always kind of liked the Cowboys. I say let bygones be bygones, and see if you can like them for what they are now.

  3. How about that punt by Walsh? Shocked me. It would give the team an extra roster spot if he performed both duties – would need to get a different holder on FGs and PATs.

    I know…….never happen.

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